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Virginia Beach Vending Machine Locations

With its scenic views along the shores of both the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, Virginia Beach attracts tourists from around the world. There are few sites more spectacular than watching the sun pop out of the eastern waters, growing as it rises - until it magically illuminates the sky and the once-darkened coastal beaches.

The city of Virginia Beach is situated in the southeast corner of the Tidewater area, also known as the Hampton Roads area. Virginia Beach is the largest of the seven main cities located in the Hampton Roads region. The seven cities are and their populations are Virginia Beach (425,000), Norfolk (234,000), Chesapeake (199,000), Newport News (180,000), Hampton (146,000), Portsmouth (101,000), and Suffolk (64,000).

Virginia Beach is the largest city in Virginia. With about 1,576,000 in the Tidewater area is the 34th largest Metropolitan Statistical Area in the United States. It is no wonder that placement of vending machines in profitable locations is so common. Soda vending machines - snack vending machines - combo vending machines - they all can work in this diverse geography. Locations throughout the area have great profit potential. Restaurants, entertainment spots, bars and locations near military installations are everywhere.

Virginia Beach is more like a suburb than a major city. Norfolk - though smaller - is generally considered to be the central business district of the Hampton Roads area. Virginia Beach and Williamsburg are regarded more as tourist cities and suburbs of Norfolk.

Virginia Beach really is a great city to do business.

If you want your route in the city, you definitely want to narrow down the variety of the vending machines you place and service. There are more than enough prime locations - if you understand where the traffic flows and the products needed in each niche of Virginia Beach. Placement cannot be haphazard. Quality locations are still out there and can be formed into efficient, profitable vending machine routes.

Along the Atlantic coastline there is plenty of opportunity for attracting business from tourists for the right type of vending machine. Also important is the time of year. Sales of ice cream can absolutely soar during the summer in the best resort locations, but are virtually nil in the winter. Ice cream vending machines need to be placed similarly as in the northern states like Ohio or Michigan. But pop vending machines, snack vending machines, internet stations and many candy and toy vending machines do well year-round.

Virginia Beach

Great locations for military personnel and their families. Great locations for tourists and travellers. Great locations for the growing business and professional community sprawling throughout the Hampton Roads and Tidewater region.

Poquoson is an interesting area to explore as well. I've got some great ideas and locations for a new vendor starting out in the vending machine business.

A great area, although I would not recommend Video Poker in many areas. These work better in some of the tourist locations. You could get a better return for these vending services in other areas of Hampton Roads

Near the military base locations - most any type of vending machine will work. Great areas !


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