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Roanoke is the center of the fourth largest metropolitan area in Virginia. It is bordered by Roanoke County - Vinton - and Salem.

The metropolitan Roanoke area historically has been comprised of four counties - Botetourt - Roanoke - Franklin - and Craig - in addition to the cities of Roanoke and Salem. The population was about 220,000 in 1980, growing to 224,000 in 1990. By 2006 the growth moved to 236,000. The estimates for 2005 take the total to about 293,000 people - partly because of growth and partly due to the new inclusion of Franklin County and Craig County. The population, for comparative purposes for 2005 was around 238,000. This is the largest metropolitan area in western Virginia and is near West Virginia as well.

What does Roanoke offer ?


Roanoke - the city once known as Big Lick - sits along the Roanoke River. It is in the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains in the middle of the Roanoke Valley. Situated in western Virginia - it is close to West Virginia -and in between Tennessee and Maryland. Established in 1852 it has long been a center for railroading.

Roanoke is a key stopping place along Interstate 81. To the north is Charlottesville, home of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. To the south is Blacksburg - home of Virginia Tech. Further down I-81 is Wytheville where my friends Herb and Val are both instructors at Wytheville Community College. The western side of Virginia is for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of society. The lifestyle is laid back. And the mountains provide some of the prettiest landscapes in America. Skyline Drive is a scenic alternative to the interstate. It is a continuation of the Blue Ridge Parkway, which enters Virginia from North Carolina.

Roanoke and the western Virginia region is a great place for retirement. Beautiful forests and montains - nice down-to-earth people. This is a nice place to start a vending machine business if you want to stay away from the big cities. Roanoke proper has only 94,000 people. There's enough people living here - plus tourists in the Spring through Fall months - to support a lot of vending machines. But small enough that you will seldom feel like you're away from the countryside.

class="style3"> Roanoke is a little bit Sun Belt - with a history of textile industry jobs. Many garment and furniture related businesses are here. It is also a little bit Southern - with its initial successes built around the Norfolk and Western Railroad and manufacturing jobs. Today it also includes tourism related companies.

Vending Machine route locations in Roanoke can only handle certain vending machine types. It is more difficult, for instance, to find quality Internet Stations and Video Poker sites than in larger towns. Give me a call - I am happy to help you figure out what machines might work best - and where the most demand for them is.

Roanoke - compared to most cities, Peace and Quiet ! Go there if that's what you want. I'll help you get started before you move.


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