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Richmond Virginia is an independent city - and like most other Virginia cities it is not a part of any county. It is unrelated to Richmond County which is over fifty miles away and in the northeast part of Virginia. Often refered to by residents as Metro Richmond - or Greater Richmond - it is located where Interstate 95 intersects with Interstate 64. I-95 is an extremely heavy-traffic highway which runs the length of the Atlantic coastline - all the way to Florida. It connects Richmond with Washington DC - Arlington - Alexandria - Fairfax to the north. And it takes you to Petersburg to the south. I-65 is another busy route running between Ricmond and Charlottesville to the west - and the Hampton Roads area to the east and south. Hampton Roads includes the Tidewater cities of Norfolk - Virginia Beach - Suffolk - Poquoson - Hampton - Newport News - Chesapeake - Williamsburg - Yorktown - and Portsmouth. Ricmond is like a hub in the middle of this major transportation web.

Richmond also has the distinction of being the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia. In 2000 the Census indicated Richmond had a population of about 198,000. However, 2006 figures show it to be around 193,000 within the independent city limits. It does represent a major population center with about 1.2 million people. This ranks Metro Richmond as the third largest metropolitan area in Virginia - behind Washington-Baltimore and the Hampton Roads area.

Richmond is overflowing with history. During the Revolutionary War, it was the site of Patrick Henry's "Give me Liberty, or give me Death" speech which inspired American independence. Richmond was the capital of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War. It was founded in 1737 and has been at the forefront of American history and politics ever since.

Richmond is the fourth largest city in Virginia. It's economy is centered around finance, government and law. Richmond is also known as one of the twelve American cities with a branch of the Federal Reserve. But Richmond is not restricted to these fields. Many Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in Richmond including electronics retailer Circuit City, used car retailer CarMax, security firm Brink's, electric utility Dominion Resources, insurance company Genworth Financial and office packaging company Mead Westvaco. Other large companies with significant operations in Richmond include Wachovia, Capital One, Philip Morris, and Dupont.

Richmond also is a center of learning. The University of Richmond , Virginia Commonwealth University and Virginia Union University all boast Richmond as their campus home. And anyone who follows the NBA knows that Virginia Union is the alma mater of Ben Wallace - superstar center for the Washington Bullets, Orlando, the Detroit Pistons, Chicago and now Cleveland. Even though he was undrafted out of college, he made it to the top, and hopefully has many more good seasons ahead. Sorry - Ben Wallace is one of my favorite athletes - just had to get that in !

As you can see, Richmond offers a lot of everything. Good schools, top name companies, excellent transportation systems and a lot of history. It is an upbeat place where folks seem to feel anything can be accomplished. A vending machine operator with the attitude of working hard and making a lot of money with great vending machine locations fits right in. Whatever type of vending machine you have - Metro Richmond has a place for it. You want to work part-time ? The multitude of great locations makes that possible too. You can make a nice income without working more than 40 hours if that's what you want. Richmond has the features of a large city but the heart of everyday America. It consistently is listed as one of the best places in America to live. And with good reason. It IS one of the best places in America to live.

Richmond along with the entire Northern Virginia area - NVA - can handle any type of vending machine. There is enough room to grow that even the newest of vendors can quickly build a profitable route and expand as soon as desired.

Metro Richmond

I love it and you will too. Great locations - great people - great schools for the kids - and great communities.

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