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Situated to the east of the Elizabeth River and south of Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, Norfolk is one of the few urban areas in Virginia which continues to show steady growth. Norfolk is the center of a major military complex, being the home port of the U.S. Navy's Second Fleet and headquarters for the Atlantic Fleet. It's amazing to visit Norfolk. You can spend a day watching the gigantic ships at Naval Station Norfolk. And then spend the next day watching F-18s doing touch-downs - flying just a few feet over the civilian highway. If you don't watch out for those flashing yellow warning lights (like I did my first time driving by the base) your car will resonate from the thunderous jet-wash of the engines as the Hornets scream past your car.

If you are really lucky while in Norfolk - you can witness the Change of Command on one of the Navy's vessels. Years ago I attended the change for the U.S.S. Independence - an aircraft carrier sometimes used in retrieving the pre-Shuttle astronauts. What a thrill to see the wide open deck full of A-WACs and helicopters and fighter planes. And the Officer of the Deck can arrange a tour of the ship on request.

I speak about this not because you can place vending machines in locations around the base. You can't. But I just have to tell you vendors that are looking for a spot that's just plain fun to be - and a great place to raise your family - that Norfolk offers a lot of the best in life. It's important to make a profit - and I can help you find the locations where you can do that. But I think it is also important to enjoy life. Relaxing on the beach, visiting the ships, walking around the business areas, living near history - in nearby Williamsburg, taking a cruise on the fast-growing cruise line business (doubling from 2003 to 2005) - there is a lot to choose from.

The city of Norfolk is located in the Tidewater area, also known as the Hampton Roads area. Virginia Beach is the largest of the seven main cities located in the Hampton Roads region. The seven cities are and their populations are Virginia Beach (425,000), Norfolk (234,000), Chesapeake (199,000), Newport News (180,000), Hampton (146,000), Portsmouth (101,000), and Suffolk (64,000).

Norfolk is the second largest city in Virginia. With about 1,576,000 in the Tidewater area is the 34th largest Metropolitan Statistical Area in the United States. Placement of vending machines in profitable locations is common. Soda vending machines - snack vending machines - combo vending machines - they all can work in this diverse geography. Locations throughout the area have great profit potential. Restaurants, entertainment spots, bars and locations near military installations are everywhere.

Norfolk is generally regarded as the hub of the Tidewater area. The larger adjacent Virginia Beach is viewed more as an area for tourists - with its presence on the Atlantic Ocean shoreline. In addition the second largest bridge-tunnel in the world is located in Tidewater - the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. A nice way to knock hours off of the Hampton Roads drive, and a nice north-south connector for tourism.

Norfolk is a great location for placement of your vending machines. Only San Diego has more retired Naval personnel living in the area. This helps provide for stability in population, as long-term residencies are common. You know - the Navy sees the world - and after seeing the world, a lot of the sailors choose Norfolk for their homes.

Norfolk is also a major center for trade. The port of Norfolk is the second busiest on the east coast of North America for cargo containers moved - behind the Port of New York and New Jersey. What DOESN'T Norfolk offer ?

In and near Norfolk - there is plenty of opportunity for attracting business from tourists for the right type of vending machine. Lots of folks visit the nearby Williamsburg Pottery. Now if you haven't been there, you have to see it to believe it. They have building after building of pottery, china, glassware, and handy kitchenware for the home. They have merchandise from all over the world. You can accent your house with whatever theme of furnishings from the warehouses located just outside historic Williamsburg. One nice thing about the vending machine business - even if you have a nice customer base from a regions residents - you can't beat the inflow of tourists attracted by first-class locations like Williamsburg.


Great locations for military personnel and their families - both active duty and retired. Great places to visit. A growing population near the coast and the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. Great locations for tourists and travellers. Great locations for the growing business and professional community sprawling throughout the Hampton Roads and Tidewater region.

Norfolk is not only a military and trade center, but also a transportation hub along the east coast. The Norfolk Southern, headquartered in Norfolk is one of the major North American railroads. The extensive shipyards provides jobs related to naval, commercial and private shipping. And it is a beautiful area to boot!

A great area, although I would not recommend certain machines. But most of the neighborhoods and both large and small cities offer nice opportunities for profits and the ability to grow your vending machine business. I can not think of very many negatives for locating vending machines in the Norfolk - Hampton Roads area.

Near the military base locations - most any type of vending machine will work. Great areas !


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