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Hampton Virginia is an independent city - so it is not a part of any county. It is located on the southeast corner of the Virginia Peninsula. Surrounding it is Chesapeake Bay and Hampton Roads Bay - with Newport News to the west and cities like Poquoson - Williamsburg and Yorktown to the north and northwest. Interstate 64 connects it with the central part of Virginia and to the other cities in the Hampton Roads region.

Like Norfolk on the other side of Hampton Roads Bay - the military has a large presence in Hampton . Langley Air Force Base, Fort Monroe and the NASA Langley Research Center make their home in Hampton .

Hampton is in the northern part of the Tidewater area, also known as the Hampton Roads area. Virginia Beach is the largest of the seven main cities located in the Hampton Roads region. The seven cities are and their populations are Virginia Beach (425,000), Norfolk (234,000), Chesapeake (199,000), Newport News (180,000), Hampton (146,000), Portsmouth (101,000), and Suffolk (64,000). More recent estimates of the Hampton population is about 145,600 people in 2005 - or pretty steady. But as a key component in the Hampton Roads seven-city area it is part of a popular and growing location.

Hampton is the sixth largest city in Virginia. With about 1,576,000 in the Tidewater area is the 34th largest Metropolitan Statistical Area in the United States. And as a growing community, it provides many challenges and opportunities for the vending machine operator. It has a diverse citizenry and shares in the prosperity of the Tidewater region. Most vending machine types work here - and the flow of tourist traffic generally passes through Hampton since it is right on the path from Williamsburg and Yorktown to the Virginia Beach coast.

Hampton claims to be the third oldest continuously occupied British settlement in North America. It has suffered the misfortune of being burned during both the American Revolutionary War and also the Civil War. Even in colonial days Hampton was regarded as a strategic defense position against European countries. So it has had its share of battles and bloodshed in its history.

Hampton is a diverse city with about half the people being white and 45% being African American or black. It is served by two international airports. To the south is Norfolk International Airport. And in Newport News is the Newport News - Williamsburg International Airport.

So what kind of vending machines will work best in Hampton ? Well, first there are a lot of military personnel and their families. So vending machines situated to serve 18 to 25 year olds is important. Also vending machines that cater to small families and convenience for everyday products is important. Vending machines that are nearby and save young families a trip to the grocery store is a nice place to begin. You are not going to get a lot of business from tourists - they go to surrounding cities like Virginia Beach and Williamsburg. You are looking to serve young adults, young families with children and military families.

Hampton like the rest of the cities in the Tidewater region and on the Virginia Peninsula are blessed with scenic drives and generally nice weather. Of course, an annual hurricane moving up the Atlantic coast is not an unexpected or unusual occurence. The beautiful Chesapeake Bay and Hampton Roads Bay surrounding Hampton make for a pleasant place to visit or live.


Great locations for new vending machine vendors or for established vending machine operators who want to expand their routes. Great locations for vending machines serving the military community and families.

A good area, but you need to work hard to get established. It's a great opportunity for a vendor who wants to build a nice vending machine route over time.

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