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Chesapeake Vending Machine Locations

Chesapeake Virginia is a fairly new city, even though its roots date back to 1691. Chesapeake was formed in 1963 when the city of South Norfolk was combined with the former Norfolk County.

Chesapeake is a very uncommon city. Located on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, it has many developed urban areas, large portions of protected forests and wetlands - including much of the Great Dismal Swamp. A lot of waterfront property can also be found.

Cheasapeake is in the southern part of the Tidewater area, also known as the Hampton Roads area. Virginia Beach is the largest of the seven main cities located in the Hampton Roads region. The seven cities are and their populations are Virginia Beach (425,000), Norfolk (234,000), Chesapeake (199,000), Newport News (180,000), Hampton (146,000), Portsmouth (101,000), and Suffolk (64,000). More recent estimates of Chesapeake population is about 221,000 people, an 11% increase from the 2000 census. So it is a popular, growing location.

Chesapeake is the third largest city in Virginia. With about 1,576,000 in the Tidewater area is the 34th largest Metropolitan Statistical Area in the United States. And as a growing community, it provides many challenges and opportunities for the vending machine operator. It has a diverse citizenry and shares in the prosperity of the Tidewater region. Most vending machine types work here - though they can vary greatly, depending on which part of the city you are in. What works in the city proper with its business district is different than what is successful in the less-developed or protected sections of town. Again, things like soda vending machines and various snack vending machines are good in most areas - but your selection of brand or type of snack is important.

Chesapeake does not get as much of the tourist traffic as do the coastal cities of Hampton Roads. This is perhaps due to the significant undeveloped land and sometimes swampy conditions. But with an 11% population growth rate - there are plenty enough permanent customers to build efficient and profitable vending machine routes.

Chesapeake is expected to continue its population growth and above average economic prosperity. You can grow your vending machine business easier in growing cities with money in people's pockets. But then I am sure everyone already figured that out !

A bit of railroad history here - along with the Norfolk Southern Railroad, Chesapeake has the CSX Railroad serving it. CSX came about in the 1980s when the old Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad merged with the old Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Remember those old B&O boxcars and C&O boxcars rolling down the rails when you were a kid ? The neatest thing I remember about those Chesapeake and Ohio cars was the distinct yellow circle with a dark blue cat image in it - the Chessie Cat. Well, this is the same Chesapeake that was at the start of the C&O railroad. I always liked watching those long freight trains that would go by, counting the cars so you could tell Mom how long that train was we had to wait for. Chesapeake has two of the three Class I railroads on the east coast - Norfolk Southern and Chessie Systems. Canadian Pacific is the other. So I will admit another bias for Chesapeake - it has lots of trains - and I like to watch trains.

Chesapeake also seems like a suburban city. Its proximity to Norfolk and use of their international airport and other facilities interlinks those two cities in the metropolitan Tidewater area on the south side of Chesapeake Bay.


Great locations for new vending machine vendors or for established vending machine operators who want to expand their routes. Great locations for the growing business and professional community sprawling throughout the south side of the Hampton Roads and Tidewater region.

Chesapeake Virginia is fairly close to the North Carolina border. But the direct route runs through the swamps and protected areas. You can find locks and navigatable waterways that can get you there - but I would suggest staying on dry land. Lots of roads and interstate highways mesh through the Tidewater area - so it is easy to get around.

A great area, but you should be selective of the specific locations and neighborhoods - and match them with the best vending machines for each. I can help you with that !

Let's find the right locations and a logical, profitable vending machine route for you !


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