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Snack machines

Placement of these vending machines is very difficult. It is one of the hardest type of vending machine to locate. Plus they are expensive and often need repair, as items get “hung”.

So you have to be very careful where you place them. In the right spots, you have a goldmine.

If you don’t have experience in snack machines, do consult any experienced locator of what to look for, before approaching a business to locate.


Soda Machines

Soda machines work everywhere! The days of just offering carbonated beverages are over. In many machines - water, flavored water, juices and energy drinks are the best sellers.

You try for placement of your soda machines in businesses with a “wait factor” before soliciting other type of locations.

Be aware that manufacturers make two types of soda machines – one to be placed inside, the other outside. I have seen vendors suffer losses on machines they buy, by placing an inside machine outdoors.

Make sure you let your locator know what type of soda machine you have before they start looking for spots for you.

And be careful if you co-locate, that any soda machines already there are serviced by a local bottling company. Not by a private vendor.


Amusement Vending

As amusement vending machines will cost you from $2000 to $10,000 for each machine, you have to be especially careful where you place them.  Amusements are moneymakers. Some vendors specialize only in this type of vending.

But because of your investment, only use experienced locaters to find your spots. Or have them teach you what to look for and where to place them.

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