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Vending Machine Placement


A key to your success is the placement of your vending machines in the type of businesses and neighborhoods where other vendors have been successful. This does not mean every spot will be a good one. But it does raise the percentages.

Another key is the type of vending machine you place.

An experienced locator can help you in placing the right type of vending machine in the right business.

Let’s get more specific with different types of vending equipment.



First, let’s take a look at bulk: You want to place a bulk vending machine in businesses where there is a “wait factor” and in the type neighborhoods that have proven to have higher sales per unit.

You also do not want to pre-select what candy to put in, or load your machine before your locator finds your spots. Wait until the locations are found and listen to your locator’s advice on the type of candy to buy. And the level to fill each head.

There are many reasons why I just wrote what I did. A couple are: it depends on your competition and the ethnic group of the neighborhood. (ie. Sweet tarts sell well in one area but not the other.) Give me a call and we’ll discuss your situation.



You can place your crane machine anywhere, from high income to working class areas.

Most vendors start in Latino neighborhoods though, and move to different neighborhoods after they have approached all available businesses.

You want to place your crane in just these types of businesses: Laundromats, restaurants, grocery stores and bars.

A key factor in your success with cranes is rotating your prizes. I am always surprised that some vendors never do this. It makes such a difference in sales.

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