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Toledo - Cleveland Ohio

Columbus Ohio

Cincinnati - Dayton Ohio

Akron - Warren vending

Cleveland suburbs

Findlay - Fremont

Youngstown OH

Lima - Perrysburg

Bowling Green vending

North Canton Ohio

Serving vendors in Toledo and Cleveland with their Crane vending machines - Soda pop machines - Snack vending machines - Video Poker machines - Bulk candy machines - water vending machines - energy drink vending - combo vending machines - single head machines - Ice Cream machines.

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When someone stands with you until the job is done - you call him your best friend.

When a company does this - it is called :

Vendor Locators !

Serving Vending Machine Operators

Delaware vending

Washington DC vending

Maryland vending

Pennsylvania vending

Virginia vending

Michigan vending

Indiana vending

Ohio vending


Now Offering Locator Service in Ohio

Cleveland Ohio

Akron and Warren

Youngstown Ohio

Canton Ohio

Cuyahoga Falls OH

Sandusky Ohio

Fremont Ohio

Findlay Ohio

Bowling Green OH

Euclid Ohio

Lakewood Ohio

Lorain Ohio

Parma Ohio

Strongsville OH

Toledo Ohio

Maumee - Monclova

Cincinnati Ohio

Columbus vending

Machines in Fremont

Cleveland suburbs

Akron - Youngstown

Medina - Parma

Mansfield vending

Machines in Canton

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I met Dennis after being screwed by a national locating company. Thank God someone gave me his name and phone number.

I’m not one much for words, but I’ll say this: He’s real and he does what he says. I paid him to find me over 200 locations. Some spots didn’t work out. Not all do. But he replaced them free without questions.

I sold my route, because of a personal situation. But he’d still be finding me locations if I were still in vending.

Randy Vaughn

Alvestor "Randy" Vaughn

T+T Vending

Washington, DC


Dennis is the best salesman I’ve ever met. And just a good person. One of those few honest people you meet.

All you have to know is that he really cares about doing a good job. I know. I’ve known him for 10 years. He’s made me a lot of money.

Here’s how good he is: I paid him to find me over 400 locations. I sold my route for over $800,000 and am now in the financial service/banking industry.

And I have asked him to represent my new company, as a salesman, in a bio-metric security product that my new company will be presenting to a major bank in February 2008.

I didn’t even consider another salesman.

If you’re in the vending business, you’d be crazy not to ask him to help you.

Davis Ebo


Onyx Group, Inc.

Lanham, Maryland



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