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Strart the right way -INTERVIEW the Locater who will build your route - BEFORE signing and agreement or sending any money !

No matter how much money you have to start out - Vendor Locators will do it's very best to bring success to your business and profits to your wallet.

Telephone me at:

(877) 850 -2934 TOLL FREE

When someone stands with you until the job is done - you call him your best friend.

When a company does this - it is called :

Vendor Locators !

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 Your third step is to hire a locating service – a locator.

I have written much about this on other pages in this site. Here I just want to emphasize the main point.

Any other business interviews an employee or contractor before hiring them.

Why shouldn’t you?

Don’t be sold by other locating services to hire the person who will select your locations, based on their selection of a locator. Unless you know that locating company is local and has a good reputation.

Talk with the owner, in person, so that he/she knows your goals and concerns. Sign an agreement after you’re confident they can help you.

Too many people have had a disappointing start in this business by hiring a locating service that is hundreds of miles from their area, and paying for a locator they have never met. Or have even talked to first by phone.

If you do this, you are taking a big risk.

You don’t have to trust me on this.

Attend a trade show and talk with other vending machine company owners. Ask them their opinion of hiring a locator “sight unseen” from a national locating company. They will echo what I just wrote.

If you follow these three steps, you have given yourself the best opportunity to be successful.

Start out on the right foot when you are starting a new vending machine business. Vendor Locators offers you free advice to get you off to this right start. We want to work with you to find the best possible locations for your business. But even if you decide to go elsewhere, or try to locate the sites yourself - we want you to succeed in business. Contact Us !

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