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No matter how much money you have to start out with, how many locations you need, how many machines you want to place - Vendor Locators will do it's very best to bring success to your business and profits to your wallet.

Telephone me at:

(877) 850 -2934 TOLL FREE

When someone stands with you until the job is done - you call him your best friend.

When a company does this - it is called :

Vendor Locators !

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Start a New Vending Machine Business

If you are at the point where you decided to buy vending machines, but have not yet selected what machines to buy, from whom and how to choose a locating service to get started – this link is for you.

People start vending machine routes for many reasons, from earning an extra $300-$500 a month, to creating a $5000 to $20,000 a month business.

Regardless of your goal, obviously you have to get started on the right foot.

Your first step is to buy the type of vending machines that will work in the area where you want your route.

Too often, people buy a certain type of vending machine, without any awareness of what the market is in their area. And expect they will be successful, based on the seller’s “hype”.

I suggest you first go to the link on this website and click the State where you reside, then go to your area. Here you will find my experience with different type of vending machines.

I understand that other locators may differ from my opinion, but use my analysis as a starting point. Solicit other opinions, and then make your choice.

Your second step is to decide from which vendor to buy your vending machines.

My experience is the best place to go to first is EBay and buys from those who want to sell their vending machines. For many reasons . . . they failed, they’re moving, perhaps an illness among others. But the seller’s goal is simply to recover some money from their purchase and you can get great prices. Expect at least 30% below market.

Another great source is to buy from vendors at a trade show/convention. There will be many vendors selling vending machines. They will give you a great price, as their competitor is just a few feet away on the same floor.

My other suggestion is to buy from advertisers in Vending Times. They are selling to those in the business and offer market prices. You can find both new and not so new vending machines here.


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