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Youngstown Ohio is midway between Chicago and New York City. It was long known as a steel town. But when the steel industry in the United States declined in the 1970s, Youngstown was fairly devistated. Competing with the Japanese and other foreign steelmakers, the U.S. was increasingly becoming less competitive as the jobs went overseas. Kind of a prelude to what has since happened to American manufacturing jobs. Lots of fingers point out who was to blame - incompetent management, unaffordable union contracts, environmental standards that were imposed on domestic producers but not on foreign steel makers. Whatever the case - Youngstown was left with no alternative economic sectors when the steel hit the road.

Youngstown is the last big city you go through in Ohio before reaching Pennsylvania. It is about 15 miles or so to the border. The Youngstown metropolitan area extends over to the PA side - Sharon - Farrell - New Castle Pennsylvania - in addition to Youngstown - and Warren in Ohio. It is the 9th largest metropolitan area in Ohio with 587,000 people. Youngstown itself has about 84,000 folks.

Youngstown is a diverse area with a racial makeup of around half white, 45% black and 5% Hispanic or Latino. It is a poor city with nearly a quarter of the households below the poverty level. Almost a third of the households are headed by a female with no husband. So in reviewing Youngstown and vending machine locations that are there - keep in mind that the community itself has extremely limited resources. And it has never been a really popular stop for tourists or travellers. Pull off the interstate, fill up the tank, grab some fast food, back to the interstate. I can find you some good vending machine locations in Youngstown - but it might take some extra time. Quality vending machine locations in Youngstown a fairly scarce.


Warren Ohio has about 46,000 people which is slightly declining. It is a little off the beaten path of travellers - being located north of I-80 a ways. It is about 15 miles from both Youngstown Ohio and the Pennsylvania line. It is comprised of about tree quarters white and one quarter black in racial composition. About 20% of the folks are below poverty level. Again, like neighboring Youngstown you need to be especially selective in looking for placement of vending machine locations in the Warren vicinity. Not all kinds of vending machines work here - and what DOES get located in Warren must be supported primarily by the existing population - not tourists or travellers. Warren Ohio will never be mistaken as a tourist area.

Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, lived in Warren Ohio for a short time while growing up. And the most famous Warren resident might have been Paul Warfield the star football player. Warren is historically a Rust Belt city - steel, manufacturing, industry. But more and more it is turning to other things for its economic well-being. It is a struggling area economically.

A vending machine route in the Warren or Youngstown region can be very challenging for a new vending machine operator. But if you are hard working and able to build your route for the longer term - even an inexperienced vendor can establish a profitable business. Let Vendor Locators show you how ! Vendor Locators stands ready to help you develop a PROFITABLE - customized vending machine service.

Niles Ohio

I like the Niles area, but it does have its challenges. As pert of the Rust Belt, it has relied on ironworks, then later steel and glass production. As those industries have moves offshore - Niles has been struggling to diversify to other things.

Niles is almost an entirely white community. There is about 4% minority representation in the Niles . Located in between Warren and Youngstown, it shares substantially in the fate of the regions business. It is fairly close to I-80, but other than hotels, restaurants and pubs near the highway - vending machine locations need to be supported by local residents almost entirely.

Find your quality Vending Machine Locations in the Youngstown and Warren vicinity. There are some nice ones out there. And Vendor Locators can help you locate them and secure placement. Word of advice - stick to basic products here. No Medical Centers or Internet Stations. Concentrate on Snack vending machines - Soda vending machines - candy vending machines - bottled water and coffee vending machines - these can do well.

Let Vendor Locators help find you the best and most profitable Youngstown and Warren and Niles Ohio Vending Machine Locations !


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