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Toledo Vending Machine Placement

Did you know that Toledo Ohio could have been Toledo Michigan ? Years ago the Toledo Wars were fought to decide the fate of this city on Lake Erie at the mouth of the Maumee River.

The way it was settled was that Michigan would give up its rights to Toledo in exchange for the Upper Peninsula and the entirety of the lower peninsula.

A lot of southeastern Michigan can identify with Toledo more than with other cities in Michigan. Adrian is the same distance from Ann Arbor and Jackson. Yet most of the folks think of Toledo first. Maybe because of the size - or the quick connection on US-223. Similarly Monroe, Erie, Whiteford, Temperance and Blissfield fall into this group as well.

Western Toledo

A lot of the urban sprawl Toledo has experienced has been to the west. Places like Swanton and Wauseon have been the benificiary of Toledo's population overrun. Berkey, close to the Michigan border, was once best-known as a haven for Michigan's 18 to 20 year olds. Why ? Because the legal drinking age in Michigan was 21, while Ohio was 18. Now both states are 18 - so the flow of youthful partiers has disappeared.

You can successfully place vending machines of all sorts in Toledo's western outlying areas. Soda (or POP as they call it around here) vending machines do particularly well. Snack vending machines also can be very profitable - especially along Airport Highway.

Ottawa Hills and the University of Toledo

Fairly close in on the west side is a fairly affluent area called Ottawa Hills. A lot of commuters make their way through here. Central Avenue runs right through Ottawa Hills and is a prime vending machine placement section of town. Secor always is busy with traffic backed up throughout the day. Dorr and Bancroft also have a lot of nice locations. Bancroft in particular is a profitable street - running through the University of Toledo. It's a great area of town to place a vending machine - along the routes leading to the museum or the university.

I have been visiting this area since the early 1970s. TU had those great football teams back then. They won something like 35 games in a row - one of the longest streaks in college football history. They brought a lot of glory for the first time to the MAC conference. I was a Western Michigan fan myself. But I always liked Toledo's quarterback Chuck Ealey. And especially runningback Joe Schwartz - who I saw play high school ball in Adrian as an All-American quarterback. I think Joe is still an attorney in Toledo, but I've lost track.


Defiance is a nice town. It is a smaller out-of-the-way place west of Toledo and Napoleon on US-24. Some nice vending machine placement opportunities may be found on Clinton Street or Jefferson Avenue near downtown or on Ottawa Avenue running south. There are usually more openings south of the river, but near Route 24 can have profitable locations as well.


Another great area! Every type of vending machine would work here. Alexis Avenue brings a lot of traffic, especially commuters, to Sylvania from the east. Monroe Avenue is a great connector with downtown Toledo and has many great vending machine placement opportunities. It doesn't enjoy quite as much traffic to and from Adrian as it used to. But US-23 has been expanded and virtually all of the traffic coming south from Ann Arbor now passes through Sylvania and Toledo . Reynolds Road, like always, has great locations for vending machine placement . Reynolds Corners is still one of the busier intersections in Toledo.



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