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For those of you looking for an alternative area to develop your vending machine route between Toledo Ohio and Sandusky Ohio - look at Route 2. Residents of Toledo recognize this as the back way to Cedar Point. Also Port Clinton and Put-in-Bay are quick trips via this highway.

You can pick up Route 2 near St Charles Hospital at the I-75 exit in Toledo. Tons of cars go this way - but not nearly the number travelling I-80. Toledoans save half an hour or so with this route .

Needless to say, this presents a vendor with numerous opportunities for the successful placement of vending machines along the way. Everyone going to the Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky usually forgets something. Sunglasses, cold sodas, snacks for the car, lunches, a newspaper or something to read while riding. And EACH of these represents a chance to sell something to them.

How do you find the right locations for the vending machines ? And what type can or should you place ? How much should the retail locations "cut" be ?

Thay is where a Professional Locator - someone with lots of locator experience - comes in.


East Toledo near Woodville

A great area! Shoppers galore travel this way from Toledo, Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. The Woodville Mall used to be the premier shopping mall in Toledo. But it does not hold exclusive rights any longer. Not to worry - significant traffic remains and will likely do so for the near future. Woodville Mall has the usual major store anchors that attract customers. And the roads leading here are prime full of restaurants, party stores, shops, gas stations and the like - each a potential site for a locator to place your vending machines.



Fremont is the county seat of Sandusky County. About 17,000 folks live here. It has many stores and restaurants along the route in from I-80 (just north of US-20), which is only a couple miles north of town. Thousands of tourists and travellers stop here for a meal or snack, or to pick up something they need.

You pass the county fairgrounds on the way into town on Rawson Avenue. For a quick shortcut to downtown - turn left on North Street, then right on Front Street. This will take you past the railroad lines along the river on a quick shot to the main city. Staying on Rawson is more residential - with no potential locations along the way. Once you get to State Street via either route - you have found the primary road that can support vending machines in Fremont.

South of Fremont is a nice drive. Out past Our Lady of the Pines on Tiffin Street. But there are close to zero vending machine locations on that side of town. Any locator can tell you - if there is no traffic - you have limited chances to make a sale. And south Fremont has close to zero traffic.

Also - you should have your locator check out the locations along US-6 all the way to Bowling Green. That highway by itself could provide enough quality vending machine locations to justify having a locator find or train you to find sites.



Tiffin is surprisingly a bigger town than it first seems. At a glance - you think you are entering a small town. But, in fact, it is a community of around 18,000 people. And there are two colleges there as well. Tiffin University and Heidelberg College both call Tiffin home.

At one time Tiffin was known for its glass and porcelain production. Tiffin is county seat of Seneca County and is just a half hour or so south of Fremont. You know you are in Tiffin when you see the famous Indian Maiden statue on Frost Parkway - which marks the site of the fort here during the War of 1812.

One of my favorite companies is headquartered here in Tiffin - Ballreich. They make one of the best potato chips in the world - second only to Cain's which started in nearby Bowling Green. I always save some space for chips to take home when I do locator work in Tiffin.

Tiffin has transitioned away from the glass and pottery type industries and is known for its top quality hospital and medical facilities.

Something I found interesting in Tiffin - St Paul's United Methodist Church was the first church in the world to be lit up with Thomas Edison's light bulb. And it was the first public building in the United States to be wired for electricity.

Most vending machines work in and near Tiffin. Good solid citizens and long-time residents dominate the area. A vending machine operator, with the assistance of a qualified locator could build a successful and profitable vending machine business here.

I would love to be your locator if you need to find locations on the east side of Toledo.


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