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Ravenna Ohio

Ravenna Vending Machine Locator

Ravenna Ohio is a city of just 12,000 people or so. But I look at it as the center of an important vending machine district in northeast Ohio. It is a really great area - though not quite part of Cleveland - or Akron - or Youngstown - or Canton - which are better known cities in the region. But Ravenna and its surrounding communities have so many quality vending machine locations - that I think it deserves special mention.

If you pull out your map and find Ravenna - you will see that it is in the middle of a complex of major highways. Interstate 80 is to the north. Mantua - Hudson - Streetsboro - and Mahoning are along this route to Ravenna's north. Still further east on I-80 is Lordstown - famous for its large Lordstown auto plants. Newton Falls is midway between Lordstown and Mahoning along the interstate. On the southern side is Interstate 76. This connects Akron with I-80 - Youngstown and Pennsylvania. Between these two roads there is a lot of traffic - an awful lot. Edinburg - New Baltimore and Rootstown are to the south with plenty of open space for future development. If you move west - you go to Munroe Falls - Stow and the greater Akron area, along with Kent Ohio.

This is a potentially high growth area in the future, in my opinion. The climate is nice, being a little south of the major snow belt. And its proximity to the Pennsylvania mountains, Lake Erie, white-water rafting areas, Virginia and the Carolina via I-77 is attractive.


Lordstown Ohio is home to one of the country's largest automobile plants. But in spite of this - Lordstown still has a rural small town image. Why ? Because Lordstown IS a small town (under 4,000 people) and seems quite rural once you get away from the auto plant and the interstate. It has the comforts of a little town - but just a few minutes from neighboring Warren and its bigger city offerings. And with its closeness to I-80 - driving to get out of town for the weekend is easy. Leave Lordstown - 8 hours later - be in New York City or Chicago. Just a great and upcoming area! There is a lot of open space here - which is why there is continued growth - even as the rest of this manufacturing heavy region slowly has shrunk.

The Ravenna region has tons of locations for vending machines everywhere. But not all of them are good ones. To prevent turnover of vending machines and vending machine routes - care must be given to ensure placement of the RIGHT VENDING MACHINE - in the RIGHT LOCATIONS . Excellent living conditions - just the right atmosphere for a work-from-home business like a vending machine route is.

Keep in mind that a vending machine route in this Ravenna region can be very customized for you. It can overlap Akron or Youngstown - depending on what side of the area you want to live and work. With vending machine routes - there are no artificial boundaries, like my webpages might suggest. You can build your vending machine business where YOU want - in the locations convenient for YOU ! Vendor Locators understands this, and we stand ready to help you develop a PROFITABLE - customized vending machine service.

Newton Falls

I like the Newton Falls area. But there is one thing I have to mention to you. It is probably most known for - get this - its Zipcode. It has a zip of 44444 - one of three locations in America with the same digit used for the entire zip code. The others are Arlington Virginia ( Vendor Locators also specializes in vending machine locations here ) with 22222 - and Young America Minnesota (55555). Newton Falls is another of these many small towns found in the Ravenna area. Only 5,000 people live here. But along with its neighbors, a strong profitable vending machine living cna be made.

Hudson and Streetsboro

On the northwest corner of the Ravenna region is Streetsboro and Hudson . These towns hav been steadily growing for a few decades. Streetsboro has about 12,000 folks in 2000 - but by 2006 it had jumped to 14,000. Similarly, Hudson has grown from 2000 to 2006 - from 22,000 people to 23,000. It is an area where families are moving to. Their convenient location near the interstate and main roads make for a reasonale commute. And the schools in the region have a good reputation.

Sugar Bush Knolls

Do not expect to find any quality vending machine locations here. This is the highest income area in the Akron vicinity. Nobody living in Sugar Bush Knolls is in the poverty range - amazing ! But this closely guarded community of a couple hundred people goes elsewhere for vending machine services. Not in MY backyard, I guess. But it is fascinating to see some of the neat homes here.

Kent Ohio

Kent is the county seat of Portage County and its largest city with 28,000 people. It is part of the Akron metropolitan area and home to Kent State University. It enjoys much of the advantages that being near large cities brings. It can share in the fruits of Cleveland - Akron - Canton - Youngstown - without being a large city itself. The city swells when school is in session, which offsets some of the winter slowdown sometimes experienced in winter. So a vending machine business can do well year round. Vendor Locators loves to find prime vending machine locations near college campuses. Young folks are usually at the front of the line when it comes to future trends. By staying on top of what young folks are looking for in a vending machine - Vendor Locators can better understand where the business may be headed and help our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Let Vendor Locators help find you the best and most profitable Ravenna Vending Machine Locations !


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