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Hamilton Ohio has a checkered history. During the 1920s a lot of Chicago's gangsters made Hamilton their second home. It was not a good reputation to have. It was called Little Chicago - and even John Dillinger is said to have visited Hamilton .

During the Second World War, Hamilton had so much gambling and prostitution the the entire city of Hamilton was declared - off-limits - by the United States military. Rows of prostitution houses lined what is now Pershing Avenue.

Hamilton Ohio was named after Alexander Hamilton the country's first Secretary of the Treasury. What a fitting namesake ! Hamilton was implicated in having an affair with a married woman. He had a temper and often challenged his opponents to duels. After admitting an affair with a Mrs Reynolds he had the famous duel with Aaron Burr. So the way the city of Hamilton was in the early 20th century - it followed that it would be named after someone known for fits of violence and a flair for adventures with women. And since Bill Clinton had not yet been born - Alexander Hamilton was the best choice. An attempt at humor here.


A great area for a vending machine route ! I like Hamilton and the other cities north of Cincinnati a lot. Places like Lebanon and Wilmington more to the east - and Middletown - Franklin - and Beckett Ridge closer to I-75. People like amusement vending machines here - Video Poker is popular. The interstate brings a lot of travellers through - in addition to a slowly growing 62,000 people in Hamilton itself.

Hamilton is divided by the Miami River. Millville Avenue and Main Street on the west side are ripe for placement of vending machines of every type. Central Avenue and Fairgrove Avenue on the east side of Hamilton similarly can hndle many more vending machines than is presently there. What kind of vending machine depends on the part of town you are on. Downtown Hamilton supports a little different type of vending machine than the roads traversing Hamilton from the interstate.

Something interesting about Hamilton that I have never seen anywhere else. Hamilton has a lot of highways with consecutive highway numbers. Route 126 runs just south of Hamilton near Ross . US 127 travels north - south through Hamilton downtown. Route 128 runs along the west side of Hamilton downtown. Route 129 cuts through downtown Hamilton from the east and west. And Route 130 is in the northwest part of Hamilton along Old Oxford Road. Five highways with consecutive numbers - interesting, eh ?


The population seems to be jumping here. In 2000 there were almost 17,000 residents - now it's over 20,000. I love the Lebanon Symphony Orchestra. I can hardly believe that such a fine group of musicians is located in a city this small. Lebanon is specialty shops. There are certainly more than 75 or 80 of them. Jewelry shops, fine art, antiques and collectibles - if you like to shop - Lebanon has great variety to offer everyone. In placement of a vending machine you need to be especially conscious of the image of the area. A fine art boutique area would shun the presence of Video Poker, for instance. The nooks and eateries serving informal quick snacks would not want competition from a snack vending machine or soda vending machine - they break the image and hurt sales incrementally.

Lebanon is close enough to Dayton and Cinci and the interstates to be quickly connected to the fast-paced world. But Lebanon is also enough out of the way that families can relax and enjoy a slower paced lifestyle if they choose. Like anywhere - a vending machine operation needs to respect the community it serves. Not just placement for a quick profit. But more importantly - complementary placement. Putting your vending machine where it ADDS to the location experience - not competes with or detracts from it.

Along the Interstates

Lots of major routes go through this northern Cincinnati section. Interstate 75 and 71 along with 275 circling the Cincinnati proper. Lots of traffic means lots of potential customers for an aggressive, hard working vending machine operation. We can help you find the best spots. Call us to get started - it is a FREE CALL.

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