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Dayton Ohio

Dayton Vending Machine Locations

Dayton Ohio is the largest city and the county seat of Montgomery County. They say there is 836,000 people in the metropolitan area, but it seems like so much more. While Dayton itself has 157,000 folks - the surrounding suburbia plus Cincinnati to the south makes it a major urban area.

Dayton Ohio looks like it is a key player in some explosive growth. It is projected that the Dayton metro area will soon be merged with the Cincinnati metro area into one. Their combined population will exceed three million in number - making it one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States.

Dayton is famous for a lot of things and for a lot of people. Everyone has heard of the Wright Brothers - Dayton's Wright-Patterson Air Force Base takes its name from the.

Some of the others from Dayton include actors Chad Lowe, Allison Janneyand Martin Sheen - all of TVs West Wing, comedian Jonathan Winters, astronaut Charles Bassett, baseballers Roger Clemens and Mike Schmidt, educator Marc Defant, one of the greatest runners of all time Edwin Moses, writer Erma Bombeck, and rock and rolls Tommy James.


Dayton economy

Dayton has quite a diverse economy. Many major companies have significant operations or headquarters in the Dayton vicinity. This includes Standard Register, NCR, Mead Westvaco, Huffy Bicycles, Reynolds and Reynolds, and LexisNexis.

With Dayton not being dependent on any one or few sectors - it can withstand downturns a little better than most locations around the country. You DO have to be very aware of the areas before placement of your vending machines in Dayton, however. 23% of the folks are below the poverty level. This means that major neighborhoods and sections of town simply have little money with which to support substantial vending machine operations.



Vandalia is a key suburb of Dayton. It is where the Dayton International Airport is. And it is strategically located where I-75 (Toledo to Cincinnati) and I-70 (Columbus to Indianapolis) intersect. Now THAT is a lot of traffic.

Vandalia offers a better chance for finding profitable vending machine locations than Dayton in general. Only 5% fall below the poverty line. And with the huge volume of travellers going to the airport, or crossing on the interstates from major cities in all directions - you can really hit the jackpot if you know where to look.

And if you don't - you can still hit it big by partnering with Vendor Locators. We know where people shop. We know where people travel. We understand what they usually look for. Vendor Locators is a professional locator service - we will secure placement of your vending machines in the best locations available.

Peters Pike and National Road, with their proximity to the airport offer a lot of good spots. As does Taylorsville Road - on the Huber Hts side of town. Dixie Drive, which runs parallel to I-75 continues to draw a lot of vehicles. Entire vending machine routes could thrive along there.


Shiloh and Northridge

Shiloh which is west of I-75 just north of Dayton proper has some nice vending machine locations to choose from. Not much business from out-of-towners. But the residents have a lot of good neighborhoods. A vendor would do well to locate his vending machine route in the Northridge area. About 10% of Shiloh's population is below the poverty level, which is not bad from a vending machine operations perspective.

Northridge is on I-75 just north of Dayton. Very little traffic exits the interstate here. Most folks seem to pass by - waiting to get out of the metropolitan area or closer to Vandalia or Middletown before making their gasoline or snack stops. About 22% of the population of Northridge falls below the poverty line - a troubling figure for a new vending machine operator. Sales and profits would build fairly slowly, unless you are in a very well-visited retail establishment.

I would recommend you move east or west - but not IN Northridge unless you have a nice cash reserve, a lot of patience and really know what you are doing. Northridge would likely be a tough town for a start-up vending machine business.


Downtown Dayton

If you are new to the vending machine service industry, you might do better working the suburbs. Like most places, downtown sections have been largely replaced by shopping malls and outlet malls nearer the interstates and population centers. A certain amount of potential exists in downtown Dayton. But if you have the choice - examine other areas of Dayton. Vendor Locators would be happy to assist. you.



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