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Ohio Vending Machine Locator in Cincinnati - Cinci - Cleveland - Kettering - Toledo - Youngstown - Lima - Hamilton - Canton - Sandusky - Dayton - Columbus - Ravenna - Warren - Akron


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We Know Dayton Vending Machine Locations !

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Vendor Locators

Dayton Ohio

Dayton Vending Machine Locator

Dayton Ohio is known as the Gem City. There does not appear to be anyone who knows how Dayton got this name. But it was suggested that maybe Dayton represented the Gem of the Queen. Cincinnati is called the Queen City, and the location of Dayton suggests this might be a feasible possibility.

Yet others claim that Dayton compared favorably with all of the interior cities. Dayton had wealth, a beautiful and well-developed countryside, a bustling economy and a touch of refinement. Thus, a gem in comparison to mere stones of other cities.

A simpler explanation lies in the fact that a famous racehorse named Gem haled from Dayton Ohio. And the nickname is merely a recognition of that fact.

Whatever the reason - Dayton is, indeed, a gem of a city. Even in today's struggling economic times, Dayton continues to thrive. It continues its creeping development to the south - growing ever closer to its larger sister Cincinnati.

Once Dayton connects up more as a combined Cincinnati-Dayton metropolitan area, it will be a key player in one of the nations largest urban areas.


Kettering Ohio

On the south side of Dayton there is a major city within the major city. This is Kettering, a bustling town of around 58,000 folks. Kettering is a mostly white suburb, with less than 5% of the population falling below the poverty line.

Kettering is ideally placed between several major highways. I-75 runs to the west with I-675 on the east and south. US-35 is the main thoroughfare on the north. Kettering lies in two counties - Greene and Montgomery.

General Motors, Delphi and Wright-Patterson Air Force base are major Kettering employers. Also Bellsouth publishes its Yellow Pages here under the acquired company Berry Company.

There is tremendous demand for vending machine products in Kettering. Wright Patterson attracts thousands of visitors with its unparalleled display of military aircraft from all eras. And Kettering is home to lots of college kids from nearby University of Dayton.

Many of the personnel of WP also call Ketting their home. So you can see - with the great variety of customer types in the region - there is equally a great variety of vending machine products in demand. From soda vending machines to internet stations to snack machines to amusement machines. You just need to know where to put them to get the most business.

Vendor Locators analyzes the retail establishments in the area. Also a detailed look at the residents and visitors to the city is made. Age, income, traffic flow, traffic patterns and buying habits are studied. We develop customer profiles and match their travel patterns and buying styles with the retail outlets that might house the vending machines. From this, efficient vending machine routes can be formulated or grown.


University of Dayton

One of the more interesting sections of Dayton is what is sometimes called the University of Dayton Ghetto. This is a housing area of students - usually upperclassmen. Homes in the Ghetto are rented to students who don't really want to live in the dormitories or apartments near the campus. It gives them a little more space and a little less noise - usually.

It is bounded by Brown Street on the west, and Trinity Avenue and Evanston Avenue on the east. Irving Avenue on the south and Caldwell Street on the north generally finish off the boundaries of this region.

The folks in this area are young, and often have a little money in their pockets. Like most students they are not rich. And technically a lot fall under the poverty level. But with what money they have - they love convenience. So you think about the products that a younger crowd would like to buy - and they will buy it at a convenient location. If placed in the right spots - a vending machine is where the coins fall.

Let Vendor Locators explore the area for you. You know who could really benefit from placement of vending machines here ? Everybody !

If you are an outsider - secure ideal placement for your vending machines by Vendor Locators. Then hire some college kids with a little spare time to service them.

If you are a student living in the ghetto - buy some vending machines. Have Vendor Locators help you find the best placement for them. Service them yourself. And pocket some extra change to help you get through the school year.


Vendor Locators would be happy to assist you.



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