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Columbus Vending Machine Locations


Columbus Ohio is the capital of Ohio and also its largest city. It has grown quickly over the years. It was not so long ago that Columbus ranked behind Cleveland and Cincinnati.

If you plan to start a new vending machine business in Columbus do yourself a favor. Go to the website for the city of Columbus and check out what they have to assist businesses.

There is a Business Tax Guide, and a First Step Business Connection section to help you get familiar with Ohio and some of your business and vendor responsibilities. You can also register your business online and secure a federal ID number. Just a few minutes on this website could save you some time and shorten your learning curve on a start-up vending machine operation.

Whenever someone says - Columbus Ohio - I think of Ohio State University. Ever since I was a kid there was a great rivalry between them and the University of Michigan. Bo versus Woody. Archie Griffin. Anthony Carter. Chris Spielman. Tyrone Wheatley. And the most interesting name - Tim Biakabutuka. Autumn Saturdays in Columbus cannot be beaten if you love college football. Just don't be wearing maize and blue if you want to stop for some sodas after the game.

So what type of locations does Columbus offer to a vending machine operator ? Are there locations all over town or just in certain areas ? How do you find the best locations ?


Ohio State campus in Columbus

A lot of the prime vending machine locations near the OSU campus are long gone. This region of Columbus has for years done extremely well for virtually all types of vending machines. Sure there are still some good locations here for certain specialty vending machines. But a professional locator would be the best bet in finding these locations. Knowing the difference between good locations and poor locations is vital in finding just the profitable locations for your vending machine route.

As one of the nation's finest universities, OSU is especially in need of convenient internet stations. Students often look for out-of-the-way places to study or just surf the web. Knowing where these student hot-spot locations are is important in setting up internet stations that are in popular enough haunts - in other words - profitable locations.

Soda vending machines, snack vending machines and lots of types of combo machines are popular. But you need to assess the competition here. Your product must be unique to the establishment - and maybe even to the neighborhood.

All along High Street there are a ton of potential locations. Like I said, the best ones may already be taken - this is a highly trafficked and busy street. From in between King Avenue to Lane Avenue - try to find locations away from High Street. From a vending viewpoint - they are comparatively under-explored.

Moving east toward the Fairgrounds and I-71 there are still some great locations. But remember that only vending machines offering a product unique - maybe for a block or two in both directions - may be profitable.


Columbus Opportunities

Columbus has about 733,000 people as of 2006. The 2000 census showed 711,000 folks - so it is growing pretty fast. This is a nice trend to see. Especially in Ohio or Michigan or Indiana or Pennsylvania - where the outflow of families is prevalent.

Columbus was named after Christopher Columbus and founded in 1812. Money Magazine says it is the eighth best city in America to live. It is the county seat of Franklin County. But Columbus is so large that parts of it also lie in Delaware County and Fairfield County.

The metropolitan Columbus area has over 1,750,000 people. And when combined with neighboring Marion and Chillicothe there is nearly two million residents. Add to that the seasonal college crowd and you have one gigantic market you could service.

Opportunity is here in Columbus Ohio. If you are up to the challenge of positioning your vending machines in a growing, dynamic community - you could possibly not pick a more ripe spot than Columbus.


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