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Cincinnati Vending Machine Locations

Cincinnati Ohio is often referred to as the first purely American city. That is because back in the nineteenth century, Cincinnati was the initial inland major city in the country. Because of this, it was thought to lack the presence of European influence on the community. Cincinnati was founded by pioneer Americans - not by Europeans.

Cincinnati is still a major city, but it has not grown nearly as fast as other places. It is only the third largest city in Ohio - behind Columbus and Cleveland in size. Cincinnati is the 56th largest city in the United States and is county seat for Hamilton County.

Cincinnati is located on the Ohio River bordering Kentucky. To the west it is near Indiana. In fact, interstate 275 which circles around Cincinnati passes through all three states. Cinci is a very hilly community. So for a major town it is especially scenic. The University of Cincinnati in particular, I believe, is maybe on the most spectacular land in Cincinatti - with a view of its surroundings.

Western Cincinnati

I first explored the western communities around Cincinnati while I was driving from Michigan to Kentucky. I was used to Cinci from an I-75 perspective. But that day there was construction. Heavy construction - which had traffic backed up for miles. Not wanting to be late for my Lexington appointment I decided to take I-275 around the city. Not quite a short-cut ! I seemed to drive forever. And when I reached Indiana I looked at my map again - yup, I'm still going the right way. I saw a lot of other folks taking this alternate route south - but I learned one thing. I-275 is deceptively long. It appears to skirt Cinci, but it is far too large a circle for travellers to consider it an alternate route.

On the return trip north I intentionally took I-275 back around Cinci. I was not in a rush and I wanted to see what the towns and exits had to offer. I've always been curious that way. Maybe that is why I like vending machine placement - because I get to explore and learn about cities and the people who live there. Here is a little of what I have learned about western Cincinnati over the years since :


Groesbeck is one of those little towns along I-75 that I visited. In 2007 Business Week said that Groesbeck was one of America's top 50 cities to raise kids in. They based it on things like school test scores, crime rates, recreation and cultural activities available, cost of living and number of schools. The town has around 7,000 folks most of them white. For a small community there are quite a few vending machine placement opportunities. The people like convenience in Groesbeck - evidenced by how they have their own activities and excellent schools without relying much on neighboring communities. Route 126 - the Ronald Reagan Highway - runs across Groesbeck - at Colerain Avenue. Colerain and West Galbraith Avenue are the starting point for finding ideal vending machine locations if you want a presence in Groesbeck.

Cheviot and Bridgetown

You can find a little higher income levels in Cheviot and Bridgetown neighborhoods. Bridgetown Road and Werk Road have historically had nice vending machine locations here. For placement of your vending machines - or for advice on what vending machine type might work best - call Vendor Locators on their toll-free phone number - or email them.

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