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Cincinnati Ohio was home to the first professional baseball team. Called the Cincinnati Red Stockings, they are the fore-runner of today's Cincinnati Reds. They became professional in 1869 and won 130 consecutive games. Most of the best Cincinnati players moved to Boston after the 1870 season and took the name with them. Thus the Boston Red Stockings - which became the Boston Beaneaters (now THAT is a feisty sounding mascot) and eventually the Boston Braves. The Braves later moved to Milwaukee and then Atlanta. I'm not sure, but I suppose the modern-day Boston Red Sox took their name - after the Beaneaters ran out of gas and became the Braves. I know the Braves fans do the tomahawk when cheering on their team - I would hope the Beaneaters fans would have only performed their custom rallying noise - when a stiff breeze was blowing.

Cincinnati is the third largest city in Ohio - behind Columbus and Cleveland in size. Cincinnati is the 56th largest city in the United States and is county seat for Hamilton County.

Cincinnati is located on the Ohio River bordering Kentucky, and to the west is Indiana. Interstate 275 which circles around Cincinnati passes through all three states. Cinci is a very hilly and scenic community. It is very impressive to look upon when on approach when landing at the airport.


Finneytown is a great place to party. If you have never been to a Greek Festival - come to the Finneytown one. It is the largest annual ethnic get-together in the Cincinnati area. Greek cuisine and dancing - folks come from everywhere to enjoy the fun. And you don't have to be Greek to attend.

Finneytown is diverse with about three fourths white and a quarter black racial makeup. About 14,000 residents live here, and they seem to really enjoy the area. A vendor who is good with people could prosper in Finneytown - a community linked by family and friendship relationships. If you are involved with the community - you can enjoy a lot of success in your vending machine ventures. Vendor Locators would love to help you with placement of your vending machines in Finneytown. Especially if it is scheduled when they have their festival.

Blue Ash

And speaking of festivals - Blue Ash usually has a great one every summer. Tourists come into town to see some of the fantastic musical groups that entertain there. Over the past few years the Doobie Brothers, Eddie Money, REO Speedwagon and one of my favorites - Styx - have performed. The concerts are free - and are followed by an awesome fireworks display. Cincinnati sure knows how to party.

Again - another of those 10 to 15 thousand population suburbs. But keep in mind that it meshes into a pretty sizable Greater Cincinnati area. Hundreds of openings for a vending machine operator. Placement of your vending machines is not only possible - Blue Ash has loads of great locations out there. Let Vendor Locators help you with your vending machine placement efforts.

Northern Cincinnati

Probably because of the hilly terrain - the Cincinnati area is comprised of many towns of 10 or 15 thousand people. The population is diverse, but most sections are predominantly white. Except in certain areas, poverty does not have a dramatic outward appearance. The city, while some loactions are old, is well maintained. It is a nice family-friendly town. Situated on the Ohio River, it cannot expand south. So it pushes to the west into Indiana, to the noth toward Hamilton and Dayton, and to the east toward undeveloped land and expanding eastern Cincinnati area towns like Sardinia and Bethel. Get in on the growth - placement of your vending machines NOW can mean even greater profits as people move in. For placement of your vending machines - or for advice on what vending machine type might work best - call Vendor Locators on their toll-free phone number - or email them.

Schedule a Vendor Locators Locator Training Day here in Cincinnati . For only $620 - Vendor Locators will show you the secrets of the vending machine business. We travel with you to find the best vending machine locations - in the locations you want to work in. We will show you techniques for negotiating terms with the retail establishments that will house your vending machines .

And every location that we find that day - is included in our daily fee. That's it - no hidden fees of any kind.

$ 620

Our clients who come to our Location Training almost always save more than the Training fee - in quality locations found that day. Plus - they have the training to go out and find their own vending machine locations in the future.


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