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We Know Cincinnati Vending Machine Locations !

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Cincinnati Ohio has one-third of a million people living there. And that is just within the Cincinnati city limits. That makes it the third largest Ohio city. On top of that, add in all of the suburbs and towns that surround it. Plus the cities close-by like Hamilton and Dayton. You have one heck of a large metropolitan area. A lot of people to sell your vending machine products to !

But where to put them ? You cannot just haphazardly place a vending machine here and a vending machine there. You shouldn't decide not to place a vending machine in a great location, just because it's a different kind than you are used to. So where do you put them ?

I have received dozens of phonecalls asking the same things. Where do I go ? What should I sell ? It reminds me of Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams. He had no idea what he was building in Iowa - or why ? But unlike the movie where - If you build it, they will come - just because you place a vending machine does not guarantee you will get any business.

So What should you do ???

By looking through the Vendor Locators website you are taking some of the right steps. Educate yourself. Search on Google for Locators who are skilled in the placement of vending machines in the community you want to work in. A locator knows the customer profiles for each type of vending machine - whether it is a food vending machine or some other product. A professional locator understands shelf lives, traffic patterns, quantity discounts on vending products and a lot more vending information. But the main thing that a locator brings to the table is - what is a good vending location and why ? The locator understands the attributes of locations - what will sell and what will not. It comes from being a locator for years. It is learned through experience and applying knowledge about the vending business.

Vendor Locators is just such a professional locator company. With over 14 years experience as a locator for dozens of types of machines - we understand locations. We understand sales and yes, we also understand that a vendor needs adequate volumes to make a profit. What makes a different ? Ask our clients. Read our testimonials on this website. Our vending machine clientele know that we are a Quality Locator .


Norwood is situated near both I-75 and I-71. Until the closing of its auto plant - Norwood was almost entirely dependent on General Motors as the community's employer. In 1987 GM closed the plant and left town. This massive industrial area could not be improved or brought to other use by Norwood since the property was owned by GM. The city of Norwood was brought to its knees - facing economic catastrophe and on the verge of bancruptcy. GM even refused to pay their back taxes - further weakening the city. After initially refusing to mitigate the damage it caused Norwood - and after their main building had been vacant for over nine years, General Motors settled claims for back taxes owed by the company by demolishing the buildings and donating the land to Norwood. Norwood has since been able to diversify and rejuvenate the city - never again to be dependent on one company for its economic viability. Hopefully America's cities will remember Norwood's lesson when GM negotiates for tax breaks in THEIR communities. About 22,000 folks live in Norwood - tougher and stronger than ever. Great people - a nice spot for a vending machine route.

Summerside and Milford

Nice towns along I-275 on the east side of Cinci. Many good vending locations but you need to be selective about which kinds of vending machines to place. Not all will get a good volume of business. Unless you know the east side of Cincinnati - you would do yourself a favor by engaging a good locator in securing your sites.

Schedule a Vendor Locators Locator Training Day here in Cincinnati . For only $620 - Vendor Locators will show you the secrets of the vending machine business. We travel with you to find the best vending machine locations - in the locations you want to work in. We will show you techniques for negotiating terms with the retail establishments that will house your vending machines .

And every location that we find that day - is included in our daily fee. That's it - no hidden fees of any kind.

$ 620

Our clients who come to our Location Training almost always save more than the Training fee - in quality locations found that day. Plus - they have the training to go out and find their own vending machine locations in the future.


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