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Akron Ohio has about 210,000 in the city. But the metropolitan Akron area has 1,102,000 people. Akron is the county seat of Summit County and is located on the Cuyahoga River. To the north is Cleveland and to the south is Canton Ohio. Pennsylvania is just 60 miles away. And Akron is situated at the intersection of some major interstates. Interstate 76 runs east - west and goes right through Akron. It connects Younstown to the east with I-71 on the west which continues on toward Columbus and Cincinnati Ohio. I-80 also runs east - west and is north of Akron where it goes through. From here is Toledo and Chicago on the west and Pittsburgh on the east along with the main route to New York City. Interstate 77 runs directly through Akron with Cleveland in the north and Canton to the south. Akron is at the center of this major traffic hub.

Akron has long been a manufacturing center. It is famous for rubber production and tires. It is known as the Rubber City. Goodyear, BF Goodrich, Firestone and General Tire all have strong roots to the Akron area. It has been called - The Rubber Capital of the World. It is part of the Rust Belt area of the country - states not really experiencing the economic boom America experienced in the mid 2000s. But Akron has been adapting - moving toward other sectors of the economy for job production.

The area is known as Akron - Canton due to the proximity and interweaving of the two communities. Connected by I-77 - they jointly approach the future. Since their beginnings in the 1820s as towns near the Ohio and Erie Canal - Akron and Canton have seen their rises and falls together.


Akron is a nice place to live as well as to operate a vending machine business. Home of the Soap Box Derby - it is a people friendly community. Many great family areas surround Akron as well. Stow - Hudson - and Munroe Falls to the northeast are modern cities with new schools and public service installations. Cuyahoga Falls to the north is another great area! Moving to the northwest you find Richfield Ohio. Again, a wonderful location to raise a family or grow your vending machine operation. And the vending machines that will work here are as diverse as the families that inhabit the area. Soda vending machines and ice cream vending machines in the summer. Snack vending machines or a popcorn machine throughout the year. Internet stations are in demand - especially in the campus areas of the University of Akron and Kent State University. Pigeon Creek and Ghent to the northwest are a little more demanding when it comes to placement of a new vending machine route - but lots of grerat locations are still out there.

Many in this area are fans of the nearby Cleveland Indians. And for good reason. Not only can they listen to the Indians on the radio - but Akron has a minor league franchise of the Cleveland Indians - the Akron Aeros. This enthusiasm translates into vending machine opportunities near the ballpark and the restaurants and taverns frequented by the fans. Minor league baseball - but Major league Vending Machine opportunities !

I especially like the Route 8 locations that I find. Lots of traffic goes to and from Stow and Hudson on this road. It is one of the better untapped sources for vending machine placement in the Akron vicinity. Call me to set up a Training Day in Akron. I would expect that more than enough quality vending machine locations would be found that day - to more than pay for the Daily Fee amount. See our Vendor Locators - Locator Training - page for more details.


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Akron - a great place for your vending machine business. Placement is now available in the prime vending machine locations - for top profits !

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