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Ohio Vending Machine Locator

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OH Ohio

Ohio Vending Machine Locator

Ohio is proud to declare itself the beginning of the U.S. Heartland. It is claimed that the shape of the state resembles a heart. And that its people are representative of the best - the heart - of America.

Ohio offers great opportunities. Ohio has a denser population than any state in the Union not on the east coast. This is always good for those in the vending machine business. It means you can place a lot of machines in a small area. Closer machines means you can have more vending machines or lower costs.

Ohio has a population of over eleven million people. With about twenty cities having a population of 50,000 or more. This affords vending machine operators lots of places to put lots of machines. Ohio is situated along Lake Erie and is travelled by many tourists on their north-south treks from Michigan to Florida, and east-west routes from Chicago and points west - to New York, Pennsylvania and points east.

There is an impressive array of interstate highways like 80 and 90 in the north. This is the Ohio Turnpike, and connects Toledo, Fremont, Cleveland, and Youngstown. Then there is I-76 from Akron to Pennsylvania. Interstate 75 is a north-south route from Toledo through Findlay, Lima, and Dayton on the way south to Cincinnati. I-71 is the route from Cleveland, through Columbus to Cincinnati. I-77 from Cleveland runs through Akron and Canton on its way to West Virginia. In addition to the interstates there is US-30 running through cities like Canton, Mansfield, Lima and Van Wert. There's a ton of great vending machine locations throughout Ohio !. Whatever you vend - your machine will do well in many areas.

There are also many larges campuses around Ohio. This means young adults, often great customers for vending machines. From Ohio State to Toledo University to Kent State to the University of Cincinnati - there are shops and restaurants and game centers which need reliable vendors to place and service vending machines for their clientele.

The best area for your vending machine route could be right where you are living right now. Call me for ideas on where those best spots might be. In Ohio you probably do not have to relocate to build a profitable vending machine route. You just have to know where the open areas that offer the best opportunity for you. That is a great thing about vending ! It can work in many places, you can work from home, and you make money working a set route in your own time frame. For the most part your schedule and hours can be predicted..

Personally, I love cities like Toledo and Cleveland and Akron. They have a lot of hard-working blue collar folks. Even in rough economic times they survive. Toledo and Cleveland are near Lake Erie which is a scenic addition to impressive downtowns.

And Cincinnati - well, Cincinnati is a city like no other. Bordering the Ohio River, it sits among numerous hills and valleys. It has a beautiful stadium area near downtown. And those bridges across the river are spectacular.

Columbus is the capital and sits in the center of the state. The nearby Mohican Park with its wildnerness and camping facilities leaves one to wonder how it can exist in the Midwest. Its hills, forests and spectacular scenery seem more like the western Carolinas. It is also home to Ohio State - a perennial power in football.

Dayton lays claim as the pioneer of aviation. The Wright brothers were from there, and Dayton's Wright Patterson Air Force Base is named after them. Just to the north of Cincinnati, it is a growing city that I love to visit.

One area that I would hesitate to start a vending machine route in is along the Appalachian Highway - Ohio 32. This runs from West Virginia to Cincinnati. While some cities do well (like Sardinia) - spots are hard to find and far apart.

Cincinnati - Columbus - Cleveland - Toledo - Akron - Dayton. These are the larger cities to consider. But don't forget Elyria, Lorain, Parma, Canton, Lima, Youngstown, Mansfield, Kettering and so many other nice places.

Regardless of what type of vending machine you own, profitable locations can be found throughout Ohio. Give me a call. Let's get started building you a profitable, easy to manage vending machine route.


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