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Jackson Michigan

Ever wonder what to do on those warm clear nights in the summer ? Next time you are near Jackson Michigan - you have a nice alternative to just staying home. Go to the Jackson Cascades Park. It is romantic for the adults and exciting for the kids. The Cascades are a series of waterfalls cascading down a pretty tall hill. Colored lights illuminate them from underneath. Fountains spraying upward are scattered around - that intermittently spurt and stop - to colored lights of their own. Stairs let you completely walk around the cascades - but beware of the mist that may leave your clothes moist. All this to the sounds of various musical presentations.

Jackson is located on I-94 west of Detroit. The I-94 corridor has a lot of places with great vending machine locations - Ann Arbor - Marshall - Albion - Chelsea - Battle Creek - Kalamazoo - Paw Paw - but maybe the best is Jackson. It is also on US-27 straight south of Lansing. Jackson is the county seat of Jackson County and has about 36,000 people. There's a Space Museum in Jackson - the home of astronaut James Lovell. Also just north of the expressway there's Southeast Michigan Prison - so don't pick up hitch-hikers.

Just about any type of vending machine works in Jackson from soda machines to snack machines to internet stations. Nearby towns like Michigan Center (lots of spots here) - Parma and Vandercook Lake need vending machines of every variety. What is really needed in Jackson is great servicing of the vending machines. It is frustrating for a retail owner to host machines that are out of stock or not working. The traffic flowing to the nearby Irish Hills and lake areas bring in a lot of people through Jackson - and the vending machine hosts want happy customers and their share of the revenues. So if you come to Jackson - a blue collar community - come ready to work hard.

Chelsea is east of Jackson along I-94. It is home to actor Jeff Daniels, who has a small theater in town. Just outside Chelsea to the northeast there was a miniature train that you could ride on around a lake and through a man-made tunnel. While scouting Chelsea for available vending machine locations last summer I found that the train had been discontinued years ago. Nice memories though of the great city of Chelsea of the past. But I was able to find some locations that were brand new to me. In place of where that old steam locomotive was - is now a restaurant, gas station and other venues just down the road. So times change - and things are different - but my opinion of Chelsea as a great town is still the same.

Marshall is the OTHER way from Jackson on I-94 - to the west. This is where Win Schuler started his world famous restaurants. I met him at a wedding reception I attended years ago in Marshall. He has restaurants in Marshall - Jackson and Ann Arbor that I have eaten at. Marshall is close to I-65 which connects Ft Wayne Indiana and Lansing Michigan. Kind of located at the intersection of two main highways. There's a mall on the west side of Marshall and tons of restaurants and shops leading to the interstate. Many great locations are available if you know where to look.

Albion is a small community which hosts Albion College - a top academic college in Michigan. It is in the MIAA league with colleges from Olivet - Adrian - and Kalamazoo . There are many young adults and young families in Albion - attending college or working in the area.



Great - I mean GREAT - Mothers Day All You Can Eat Black Angus dinner served by the Knights of Columbus. If you schedule me for a vending machine locator job in Manchester on Mothers Day weekend - you get a special discount . I used to go to this every year, but as I've gotten busier I haven't had the pleasure in over ten years now. Manchester has the Chrysler Test Track on the north side. And to the south is Adrian. It is also close to the Irish Hills and Michigan International Speedway. You have to be selective of where you place your vending machine - there is not a lot of traffic away from M-52 and the downtown area. Call me for ideas.

If you are near Manchester in the summer there is always the lakes to visit. Vacationers come into Manchester for a movie in the evening or to have a nice family style meal. In the autumn folks go to nearby Hidden Lake Gardens - many, many acres of trees and plantlife that is identified with labels - great for the kids to learn about the types of trees and plants. No vending machines on the grounds though - but plenty of places on M-50 which leads up to it.

And remember the races at nearby Michigan International Speedway. More customers for your vending machines than you can believe. Find the right vending machine locations - and make some nice money in a single weekend. They have three or four race weekends each summer. The traffic out of Detroit is backed up to Saline on US-12. US-223 out of Toledo and Adrian is backed up from Devils Lake.


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