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Battle Creek

Cereal City ! That and a lot more. Battle Creek is the world headquarters for Kellogg's - known on breakfast tables throughout the country. But did you know that Post and Ralston have also had operations in Battle Creek Michigan.

Battle Creek  has a rejuvenated downtown area. It is fun just to walk around here. The Kellogg Arena is host to a lot of events including the Battle Creek Knights basketball team. My favorite event is the Michigan state high school wrestling championships. This is an exciting weekend long tournament. My favorite memory was watching Brandon Chesher of Adrian winning one of his four Class A state championships - something nobody else has done. This came about 20 some years after I saw his father Dave win the Class A state title held near Grand Rapids.

Battle Creek is the county seat of Calhoun County. There's about 53,000 here. Situated on I-94 about half way between Kalamazoo and Marshall - Battle Creek has an airfield in the northwest that his home to the Warthogs used by the US Air Force. Western Michigan University has opened a branch of its university for aviation here, too.

Battle Creek has a lot of stores, shops, restaurants and other spots where vending machines can do well. People here notice the cleanliness of the vending machine as much as the products inside. If there is Pepsi or Coke or a beverage or snack being vended - the vending machine better be clean. Nobody here wants food or drinks from a dirty vending machine . Maybe this is from the history of cereal production. Cleanliness is mandatory in the food industry. This requirement seems to carry over to food and beverages bought from vending machines as well. So vendors need to keep the vending machines especially clean as well as stocked and in good working order.

Olivet is home to Olivet College. It is north of Marshall along I-65. The college, as well as the city, place a high value on education and quality. So things like Video Poker might have a tougher time than say, bottled spring water. Olivet is south and a little west of Lansing. Due to its proximity to the expressway, Olivet gets a fair amount of traffic from tourists and vacationers going to upper Michigan.

Hastings is quite a bit north of Battle Creek - but I wanted to at least mention it here. There are many good vending machine locations in Hastings even though there is only seven or eight thousand people. It might not be big enough for a complete route - but spots could be added to a new or growing vending machine business.


Battle Creek

has a special spot for me. I have family in the general area. So I get back to visit fairly often. Battle Creek - Springfield - Kalamazoo - I try to stop by a few times a year if I can.


Battle Creek Vending machine placement

Downtown Battle Creek has some good vending machine locations but the spots I like are the little known, but highly trafficked locations on the western side of town. Over by Lakeview High School are some prime locations as well as in Urbandale along M-89 toward Gull Lake.

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