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Adrian Michigan

As you know, Adrian is suffering through some tough economic times. Lots of companies are going under, and a lot more are in trouble. Adrian is the Lenawee County seat and is about 30 miles from Toledo.

Adrian once was the proud gem of southeastern Michigan. It was the link along US-223 from Toledo to the Irish Hills. Thousands of tourists would pass through Adrian on the way to the lakes. Devils Lake - Round Lake - Posey Lake - Walmpers Lake - Dewey Lake - Sand Lake - recreation for travelers all summer long. Blissfield and Manitou Beach enjoyed this caravan of traffic on Route 223, too.

Adrian was also on east-west M-34. You could travel all the way from Monroe through Ida and Deerfield on the way through Adrian to Hudson and Hillsdale .

Adrian was the center of the north-south route M-52 from Ohio - noth through Adrian and Birdsall on the way to Manchester - Chelsea and Owosso. This was a back-way for travel but was frequently used.

Adrian business has suffered more than most in Michigan - and Michigan has suffered the most of the 50 states. It seems every other house has a For Sale sign up. And once key companies like Bohn Aluminum, Bridgeport Brass and Kewanee are long gone. Dura and Delphi which picked up the slack have now themselves closed. But there remain some stalwart companies - Merillat Kitchen Cabinets is one. Founded by Orville Merillat with partner Harold Doan in a garage - Merillat's is now operating multi-state and probably makes more kitchen cabinets than anyone in the world. Orville and Harold have passed away, but their company remains strong. By the way, Harold was national archery champion in college and was a great golfer,

Adrian Steel is another major employer in Adrian. Founded by Michigan All-America running back Bob Westfall (who followed Tom Harmon) - Adrian Steel makes steel cabinets for phone trucks and other products. Now run by son Harley Westfall (himself a high school All-America running back) - it provides jobs and hope to lots of citizens. There are a couple great nurseries I like in Adrian, too. Smith Nursery on Bent Oak - run by Chuck and Jan Smith is the best in town. Chuck's younger brother Fred is Athletic Director at Adrian's Siena Heights University after years of success as their basketball coach. And Barrett's on Beecher Street has a great store for floweres and plants.



Tecumseh Products is still a major Lenawee County employer. Founded by Ray Herrick. The Herricks have been instrumental to the success of Lenawee County for years.

The reason I bring these things up is this. Adrian and Tecumseh and Hillsdale and the cities of Lenawee County are great places to live. But they've fallen on hard times. A vending machine route would be great here. Not so much because of the profits you might find in a Richmond Virginia or Philadelphia Pennsylvania. But because of the great quality of life.

Adrian has about 20,000 people and Tecumseh maybe 10 thousand or so. And the tourists keep coming for the summer months at the lakes, or for the races at nearby Michigan International Speedway. The area WILL come back. The people are too hard working and dedicated to fail.


Adrian growth is expected

Here's something you will not know unless you follow the local Adrian newspaper - the Daily Telegram. The federal government is contemplating a new interstate. It will run from Charlotte North Carolina to Columbus Ohio. From Columbus it will proceed to Toledo and end in Lansing Michigan .

This new interstate will pass through Lenawee County. One proposed route takes it one mile south of Adrian along US-223 and Carleton Highway and through Manitou Beach and Jackson. The other route comes up US-127 - through Hudson and near Morenci - and on to Jackson. Either way - Lenawee County will get a boom of additional tourist raffic. Great for a vending machine operator.

I know the places around town. The Adrian Mall - Adrian College and Siena Hts and the downtown area which is now lightly travelled. I know Blissfield with its noted Hathaway House fine dining and its evening Dinner trains. Hudson (which once held the record for most consecutive high school football victories at 73) holds a key place on I-127. I can place your vending machine in the ideal locations even in these tough times.

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