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If you live in Maryland, it's a good state for new vending machine owners. Except west of Hagerstown.

The state is growing. This is always good for those in our business. More people and new businesses mean more opportunity and money.

But a big change in Maryland is that eleven percent of its residents are recent immigrants from Mexico and Central America. That's one out of nine people living here. This change is important, because Latinos are great for vending machine companies!

Why?  They buy popular vending products at a higher than normal rate. Whether you vend soda, snacks or bulk - your machine will do well in a Latino area.

In addition, crane or claw machines do well in their grocery stores and restaurants. I have located cranes that do $500/week in businesses that cater to them. Also energy drinks and coffee machines have great sales.

The best area to vend in the Latino market in Maryland is in the DC suburbs between Kenilworth and Georgia Avenues, from the beltway south to the DC line. The next best areas would be in east and south Baltimore, then the Frederick area.

Trust me. There is a lot of money to be made in the new Latino area. And they are migrating to Maryland at a high rate. All vendors I know here "joke" that all of us have to learn Spanish. And I know of one vending machine company owner who is taking Spanish lessons right now. He's a man in his 50's.

Outside of the Latino market, here's how Maryland breaks down for vending machine companies:

Western Maryland

This is the least profitable area of the state. Once you're west of Hagerstown, vendors have difficulty establishing profitable routes. I would not recommend starting a new route in this area.


A good area! If you live in the Frederick area, you can build a great route strting in Frederick, then going west to Hagerstown along US 40. Then if you still want to grow, down I-270 to the Germantown - Gaithersburg area. Frederick offers vending machine owners a growing Latino population and lots of small industries. Business owners are more welcoming than they are in mid to southern Montgomery County to new vendors.

Suburban Maryland

Montgomery and Prince George's Counties offer great opportunities for vending machine owners. Neighborhoods are always changing and new businesses open daily.

Regardless of what type of vending machine you own, a profitable location can be found in this area.



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