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Do Not Waste your money hiring a referal service. Eliminate the Middleman by Hiring a reputable Professional Locator instead of a locating company.


Integrity - it is the basis upon which we enter into any business agreement with our clients. Without it, our mutual success is not possible.

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Training for Just $620

Training on how to locate your machines

Training on how to approach owners

Training on how to buy vending machines

Training on how to make BIG MONEY !


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When someone stands with you until the job is done - you call him your best friend.

When a company does this - it is called :

Vendor Locators !

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Locator Training - Vendor Locators

Locator Training


Includes FREE locations

 The majority of vending machine company owners are not comfortable in approaching businesses to find locations for their machines. They are willing to do almost anything – but sell.

And that’s why us vending locators have a job.

But I have come across vendors who have experience in sales. And I always offer them a training program.

I say to these vendors: “You don’t have to pay me to find you spots. Let me teach you and you’ll save a lot of money in locating fees.”

I’m surprised that all do not take me up on this, but many do.

What I do is not hard. All I do is walk in businesses and talk with people. The key is: what type of businesses to approach, in what neighborhoods, for a specific vending machine.

So if you’re comfortable in cold calling, don’t hire me to find your locations, but hire me to train you how to be your own locator.

Here’s how it works:

We’ll meet for breakfast at a restaurant in the area where you want your route. You pay me $620 for the day, and then we get started.

Maybe it would be best to explain this is a “question - answer” format:

Why do you charge $620?

That’s my average commission for the day in locating.

So you want me to pay you $620 for advice?

Not at all. We are going out all day to find locations. Instead of my charging you for each spot, all locations we find that day are included in my fee.

You are paying me to teach you how to find your own spots. Then you’ll never have to pay me, or anyone else, to find locations for your business.

What I’ll teach you, as we locate together, is what I’ve learned from years of experience:

  1. What type of stores to approach for your vending machine, and why.
  2. Why certain neighborhoods are better than others for your machines
  3. How to survey a store before approaching the owner
  4. What to say to the business owner
  5. How to answer objections
  6. How to “cement” the deal
  7. When and why to walk away from a location, even if the business owner said “Bring it in”
  8. How to ask for referrals

Plus answer all of your questions.

At the end of the day, you should have some great new locations. But more importantly, you will know how to find great spots on your own.

And you’ll never pay for locations again!


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