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Do Not Waste your money hiring a referal service. Eliminate the Middleman by Hiring a reputable Professional Locator instead of a locating company.



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Whether your customers are tourists traveling to football games in Toledo, Pittsburgh, South Bend, East Lansing, or Ypsilanti - or just driving around town - Vendor Locators will help you identify your customer profiles - matching them with real estate sites in the Michigan and Mid-Atlantic regions.



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Do you want to hire a locator, or a locating company?

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If you're "lucky" they may send a new locator out, usually months later, to find replacement locations. Or they will telemarket replacements. In this business, they're called "re-los".

If they send a locator out, your new locator will be paid a small fee by the locating company to get you any replacement regardless of their quality. The locating company's interest is simply to get you a replacement, then they will be off the "hook", according to their warranty with you.

Certainly they hope you get good replacement spots, but that's not their concern. If the replacement locations are bad also, at least they fulfilled their requirements with you. That's all they care about. Not refunding you any money. (Don't believe me? Go to a vending convention and ask anyone with experience in this business if this is true or not).

Also the new locator's main concern is not the quality of replacements. This locator's interest is simply finding the locations as quickly as possible and move on to the next job. Remember this replacement locator is being paid by the locating company. Not you. They are not working for you, but for the locating company

It's not that the replacement locater is a "bad" person. Or that they don't care about the quality of locations. It's just not their main concern. They are under pressure to get the spots quickly, as they are paying their own expenses. Plus the replacement locater is not being paid enough money to spend the time in your area one needs to find good spots.

Now if they telemarket your replacement locations, good luck. The locating company is off the hook once they fax you the spots. And you'll be lucky if you get your vending machine in half of the stores.

Locating is not a telemarketing business.

Why? The telemarketer calling has no idea how the business looks, how much traffic it has, or where your vending machine will be placed. And often the person answering the solicitation is not the owner. A secret in the telemarketing business is people often say "OK" simply to get the telemarketer off the phone so they can back to their job.

In this business, a locator must go in person to find quality spots. Why? To evaluate the business first, based on experience, before asking for the owner.
Any professional locator walks out of probably 70% of businesses they walk into that look good from the outside. Because after making a survey inside, they say to themselves "No, this is not what I'm looking for" and don't talk with anyone. But if it looks good, then they ask to meet the owner, show them a picture of your machine, negotiate the store's commission and find a specific spot inside the store for you to put your vending machine.

And very importantly, the locator then shakes the owner's hand and thanks them.

Then you have a good, solid spot.



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