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Do Not Waste your money hiring a referal service. Eliminate the Middleman by Hiring a reputable Professional Locater instead of a locating company.


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Do you want to hire a locater, or a locating company?

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2. Now about the quality of their locaters. (Independent Contractors)

Most of the salespeople they refer will have been with the locating company less than 6 months. They were hired not because of knowing this business, but because they responded to a sales ad. Almost none received any training. They possess no knowledge for which an established vending owner would pay. Why? They are new to this business like you. And their inexperience will cost you a lot of money, since they do not know what the best stores or neighborhoods are for placement of your vending machines.

Locating company contractors come and go. Why is there such turnover? Because the contractor soon realizes that he/she is working to make the "locating company" the same amount of money they're earning, when they are doing all the work and personally paying a lot of travel costs. So they get upset, ask for more compensation, and leave once the "locating company" tells them "Sorry, this is the way it is."

It's no big deal to the locating company. They just place a classified or Internet ad under "sales" and hire a new contractor.

At this point, you may be wondering, how truthful am I writing this? Fair question.

Here's a test for you: Tell whomever you are talking with at the locating company this: "OK, I'm ready to do business with you. But I have one request first before sending you a check for the deposit . . .  I just want to sit down and talk with your locater first. Or at least, ask them some questions over the phone."

Try to interview the person who will be finding your spots. You want to see how well they know your area, and to ask about their experience. You need to see if you're comfortable with them.

Every time they will say no. Not until you pay them half of the locating fee first.

Is that fair to you ? Requiring you to send a substantial amount of money without meeting with the salesperson you're hiring first ? Or at least talking with your locater over the phone first? This is the person you're hiring. The person you will meet and who will build your business. Why can't you talk or meet with your locater before sending your money ?

Remember, they are just a referral company. If they were honest, they would call themselves a "Locaters Referral Company". Not a Locating Company.

3. Their guarantee or warranty.

It is carefully designed so they do not have to honor it.
Trust me on this. How many times I've heard from locating company owners "Ninety-five percent of our customers do not follow our requirements, so we don't refund anything or find replacements".

Before you send them 50% of the locating fee they require, read their "guarantee" or "warranty". It will often require you to send them weekly or bi-monthly reports. Sometimes it must be sent by certified mail and often for 3-6 months. Miss mailing one report by the required date, or send one report by first class mail - and you have voided your guarantee or warranty.

There is no other purpose for you to send them reports on the timeline they require, or by certified mail, unless it's there so they can void your warranty or guarantee on a technicality. And they do!

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