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Do Not Waste your money hiring a referal service. Eliminate the Middleman by Hiring a reputable Professional Locator instead of a locating company.



Integrity - it is the basis upon which we enter into any business agreement with our clients. Without it, our mutual success is not possible.


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When someone stands with you until the job is done - you call him your best friend.

When a company does this - it is called :

Vendor Locators !

Serving Vending Machine Operators in the Multi-state and Capital areas

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We Know Vending Machine Locations !

Whether your customers are tourists traveling to football games in Blacksburg, Ann Arbor, Temple, Lansing, or Kalamazoo - or just driving around town - Vendor Locators will help you identify your customer profiles - matching them with real estate sites in the Michigan and Mid-Atlantic regions.


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Do you want to hire a locator, or a locating company?

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If your locating contact sent their employee to find your locations, you would pay the balance of the locating fee after the job was done to the locating company, then they would pay their employee. But since they are referring an independent contractor, you will be told to pay the balance to the salesperson they send you.

If you are told to pay half the locating fee to a company - and the balance to another person - you will know you are talking with a locating company and not with a locator.

How does a locating company sell a vendor like you, on contracting with them to get the locations you need? By three sales points: reassuring you of their "experience" (knowledge and years in the business), the quality of their locators (contractors), and "guaranteeing" your locations. Let's talk about each of these three points they sell you on.

1. Experience

Since they do not meet you, or go in the field to find your locations, it makes no difference to you how long they've been in business. They are not locators. Their business is selling new vendors to use their service, which is nothing more than referring a locator to you for a very high fee (50% of the locating fee).

The person you speak with, and whose company you will be asked to send your money to, will not go in the street to find your locations. And almost all of them will not know your market, as their office is often hundreds of miles away from you. This person you are talking with at the "locating company" has never found one location in your city.

So what does their claim of "our number of years in this business" or "knowledge of the vending business" mean to you?

Nothing !

Ignore their sales drivel . . . "We know your area" "There are a lot of good locations there", etc. Ask them: "What particular stores do you think are best for my vending machine in my town?" or "What area in my town do you think my machines will do best in?" They will not be able to name one neighborhood where they think you'll do well, or name one local store.

Why? Remember, they are not locators, but a referral company.

Now they may say "I don't know, but our locators know".  So ask them "What is your locator's name and phone number so I can ask them?" They will not give it to you. Don't believe me? Ask them !

Why won’t they provide it to you? It’s because, if you know their contractor’s name and phone number, you will have what they are trying to sell you. This is the key.

You want good locations for your equipment in your city. You need someone who knows your area, or knows how to find good locations. How many years any "locating company" has been in business is irrelevant - Unless those years were actually in the street finding locations.

Not selling a referral service. That's their business and experience.

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