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Do Not Waste your money hiring a referal service. Eliminate the Middleman by Hiring a reputable Professional Locator instead of a locating company.



Integrity - it is the basis upon which we enter into any business agreement with our clients. Without it, our mutual success is not possible.


Specializing in Virginia Vending Machine Locations


Hopewell - Bedford VA

Manassas - Buena Vista

Bristol - Franklin VA

Petersburg - Lexington

Fredericksburg Virginia

Suffolk - Waynesboro VA

Poquoson - Norton

Radford - Salem Virginia

Emporia - Danville VA

Covington - Clifton Forge

Colonial Heights Virginia

Alexandria - Arlington

Fairfax - Chesapeake VA

Falls Church Virginia

Charlottesville - Galax

Martinsville - Hampton VA

Wytheville - Blacksburg


When someone stands with you until the job is done - you call him your best friend.

When a company does this - it is called :

Vendor Locators !

Quality Affordable Vending Machine Locations

Delaware locating

District of Columbia

Maryland locating

Michigan locating

Pennsylvania locating

Virginia locating

Ohio locating

Indiana locating


We Know Vending Machine Locations !

Whether your customers are tourists traveling the grid of interstate highways - or sports fans on their way to a Baltimore Ravens or Washington Capitals game - Vendor Locators will help you identify your various customer profiles to enable optimal matching with real estate sites in the Michigan and Mid-Atlantic regions.


Volume Discounts Available

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Allentown Pennsylvania

Fort Meade Maryland

Indiana PA. (Jimmy Stewart's Hometown)

Chesapeake Bay - Norfolk

Blacksburg VA (Virginia Tech)

Verizon Center in DC



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Do you want to hire a locator, or a locating company?

Your vending route will be successful with your machines in the right locations. Period! However,

Most new vendors fail for one reason - their vending machines are not in the best locations. Why? Most new people in the vending business hire a "locating company". Not a locator. And almost all the websites new vendors find looking for a locator on an Internet search, are from locating companies.

Locating companies – Locators - What's the difference?

(There's a big difference, discussed below.)

Or maybe you're thinking: "Why not use a locating company? Their business is finding locations.

Well, actually it's not. Locating companies do not find locations. They are simply a referral company, using a system in which they keep half the locating fee for themselves and all they provide you (almost always) is an inexperienced salesperson to find your locations.

Only if you hire a locater, will you will be working with an experienced salesperson that will possess specialized vending knowledge to build you a good route.

If you sign an agreement with a locating company, instead of a locator, it will hurt you. Why am I saying this? Because almost every vendor I've met has told me that this was their experience. And all have told me, they initially started with a locating company, because they did not know how to contact an experienced locater. Or they didn't know the difference.

In the vending business, no experienced locator will accept a job from a locating company, because they keep half of their fee. And no experienced vendor ever hires a locating company because of the poor locations their locators find.

Here's how Locating Companies work:

First, almost all locating companies are operated from the owner's home. Maybe they will have a couple of salespeople and either a secretary or an answering service. They are not large businesses. And 99%+ of their business is from new vendors, like you, looking for someone to find locations for their vending machines. Not from established vending companies.

When a new vendor calls, they talk with the owner of the company (or a commissioned salesperson). But not with a locator! Whomever they talk with, it's a salesperson with one purpose: to personally keep 50% of the locating fee for themself - For simply referring you an independent contractor.

The contractor they refer will actually be your locator. Now they may say "our salespeople". But these salespeople are not their employees. In fact, they have probably never met over 95% of the salespeople they refer, as they live hundreds of miles from the locating company's office. They were hired by a classified sales ad in the newspaper - or an Internet solicitation for salespeople - or maybe a referral from another "locating company".


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