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Fort Wayne (Ft Wayne)

Fort Wayne is the second largest city in Indiana with a population of about 252,000. Located in northeast Indiana, it is the county seat of Allen County. It sits pretty equidistant from Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus Ohio and Cincinnati. Historically, Ft Wayne has been at the forefront of transportation, communication and agriculture sectors of the economy.

An interesting thing that I learned while visiting Ft Wayne is that the first major league baseball game was played in Ft Wayne. The Ft Wayne Kekiongas played the Cleveland Forest Citys. The Ft Wayne Wayne team was later sold and moved to Brooklyn New York. They were renamed - the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Also I learned that the first professional women's baseball team - the Daisies - started in Ft Wayne.

According to legend, in his home run record year of 1927, Babe Ruth is said to have hit the longest homer in history. It was during an exhibition game that the Bambino poked Mr Spalding over the left-centerfield wall. When it came down, it landed in an open boxcar of a passing train. The ball was recovered many miles away, once they caught up with the train.

And not to be restricted to baseball fame - the NBA's Detroit Pistons got its start as the Ft Wayne Pistons, before moving to Detroit.

I bring these things up to point out how a place like Ft Wayne can have such a fascinating history which is the foundation for a place that a quarter million folks like to call home. It has a little big city, and a little small town in it. A great place for a vendor to do business. Nice, honest people, predominently Christian (Catholic and Lutheran mainly) folks who work hard and comprise a family atmosphere. Great for business plus great intangibles.


South Bend peaked in 1960 with a population of 132,000. Then as the manufacturing (mainly auto) sector declined, the city shrank until the 1990s. After much renovation the city started growing again. It is similar to Indianapolis in this respect.

Indiana Summary

In any of these cities there are some excellent vending machine locations. Indianapolis centers around the significant population and the frequent events that are held there. South Bend centers around the campus and large traffic by alumni and interstate travellers. Ft Wayne vending is built around a large population complemented by Indiana Tollroad and I-65 traffic.

I really like Indiana, and I think you will too ! There are stretches of open land with small towns sprinkled in every direction. There is the Amish areas in northeast Indiana. You have the growing metropolis near Chicago - Hammond, Gary, Highland and Hobart. Indianapolis is a major city of America - if you want it - you can find it there. And the many fine universities like Indiana, Notre Dame and Purdue bring an annual inflow of young folks to the state.

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