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South Bend Indiana

South Bend Vending Machine Locations


South Bend Indiana is the county seat of St Joseph County and the fourth largest city in Indiana.

It is located in northern Indiana along I-80/90 - the Indiana Toll Road in a region known as Michiana.

Michiana comes from combining Michigan with Indiana. It is comprised of the northern part of Indiana and the southern part of Michigan which is near South Bend Indiana. South Bend is the economic and cultural and social center of Michiana with a population of around 108,000. The South Bend metropolitan area has about 317,000 people.

South Bend lies at the most southern section of the St Joseph River. It is the "South Bend" of the river, from which came its name.

South Bend had its largest population in 1960, when manufacturing was peaking in the area. Studebaker automobiles was the largest employer. The decline continued until the 2000 census, which showed a 2% growth. The South Bend area is becoming re-vitalized with new sectors of the economy.

Today South Bend relies heavily on education, small business and healthcare for its jobs. It has Indiana's second busiest airport and also interurban rail service to Chicago. The train is a fun and relaxing way to get to and from Chicago. And the public transportation in the Windy City is excellent - once there you can ride the rails to about anywhere you want to go.

One of the leading businesses in South Bend is Crowe Chizek, the nation's eighth largest CPA firm and consulting group. Bosch, Honeywell, and AM General also have a significant presence. And the University of Notre Dame brings in not only students, but also tourists and alumni in great numbers. Notre Dame is the largest employer in the county.


University of Notre Dame

One of the best known universities in the world is located in South Bend - the University of Notre Dame. Although it is football that got it on the map - Notre Dame excels in education as well. It became co-ed in the early 1970s. Its counterpart St Marys remains in business in South Bend, even after females were allowed into Notre Dame.

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart is the centerpiece of campus. The Lord in a "touchdown" pose adjacent to the stadium is one of the most photographed building murals in the area.

Placement of vending machines in great locations is real fun in South Bend. There is everything that could be desired here. A nice, stable residential population, thousands of part-year and commuting students, tourists that stop to see attractions like the College Football Hall of Fame and the Notre Dame campus, frequently visiting alumni and an above-average income setting. You just have to do your homework to find the ideal locations.

Vendor Locators KNOWS where the hot spots are. And where the traffic flows. And which kinds of products work and which vending machines types do NOT work.

Vendor Locators will either find you the ideal vending machine locations - and secure placement of them for you. Or Vendor Locators will train you on how to find the best vending machine locations yourself.


Vending Machine Locations Opportunities

So what will work in South Bend ?

    Soda vending machine locations

    Snack vending machine locations

    Internet Stations locations

    Newspaper vending machine locations

    Map vending machine locations

    Coffee vending machine locations

    Medical Center vending machine locations

    Payphone vending machine locations

    Claw or crane vending machine locations

    Ice vending machine locations


Once you decide the type of product you would like to vend - Vendor Locators can determine who your target audience is, and where they travel. Or if you just want the hottest selling items - Vendor Locators can make suggestions, and find the prime locations for that product - across customer profiles.


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