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South Bend Indiana

South Bend Vending Machine Placement


South Bend Indiana, in the heart of Michiana, has many surrounding cities that present great opportunities for placement of vending machines.


Goshen Indiana

There are two very different social and economic sections of Goshen Indiana. On the north side - north of the Norfolk Southern railroad tracks - is where a lot of the poorer residents live. The south side is actually preserved as part of the National Register of Historic Places. A lot of old houses and even a brick street are preserved there. This side of town includes the business district and much residential area.

Placement of vending machines in the north, as you would expect, is quite different from vending machine placement in the south.

On the south you will find tourists and travellers - few of which will wander above the tracks. Especially in the summertime, vending machines cancel have excellent sales and profits. So placement should concentrate on tourist type products. Things like soda and snack machine placement, maps and newspaper placement, convenience and toiletries vending machine placement.

Additionally you could target the roughly 30,000 residents of Goshen. Internet stations, amusement vending machines, soda and snack - on the south. Placement of snack and soda vending machines on the north can be successful in the north of Goshen.

Placement of vending machines can also do well near Goshen College, a well-known liberal arts institution.



On the opposite side of South Bend you will find LaPorte. It is on the south side of I-80, and with a population of 22,000 - it is the county seat of LaPorte County. It is a very popular stop for travellers since it is around an hour from Chicago. Folks riding east often clear the large city and its traffic snarls before pulling off to refuel the car, hit the restrooms and grab a quick candy bar, Pepsi, bag of Fritos or bottled water from a well-placed vending machine. Westbound folks do the same routine - before - they hit the heavy traffic. But add to their list newspaper vending machines and map vending machines. A lot of toiletry items - breathmints, dental floss and the like.

LaPorte is one of the two main cities in the Michigan City - LaPorte metropolitan area. Vending machine placement opportunities are definitely in abundance throughout the area.


Let Vendor Locators handle your Placement

Vendor Locators KNOWS where the hot spots are. And where the traffic flows. And which kinds of products work and which vending machines types do NOT work.

Vendor Locators will either find you the ideal vending machine locations - and secure placement of them for you. Or Vendor Locators will train you on how to find the best vending machine locations yourself.


Vending Machine Placement

What will work in outlying South Bend ?

    Soda vending machine placement

    Snack vending machine placement

    Internet Stations placement

    Newspaper vending machine placement

    Map vending machine placement

    Bottled Water vending machine placement

    Coffee vending machine placement

    Medical Center vending machine placement

    Payphone vending machine placement

    Claw or crane vending machine placement

    Ice cream vending machine placement


Once you decide the type of product you would like to vend - Vendor Locators can determine who your target audience is, and where they travel. Or if you just want the hottest selling items - Vendor Locators can make suggestions, and find the prime locations for that product - across customer profiles.


Call or Email Vendor Locators

Especially if you are new to finding prime vending machine locations - contact a professional locator for assistance. Vendor Locators would be happy to assist you. Call or send an email - it's free and there is absolutely no obligation.


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