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Lots of potential near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Indianapolis International Airport and points west. Although I highlight Avon and Mooresville on the west side of Indianapolis - these are just two examples of potentially great quality vending machine placement opportunities that your locater could help you with.


Avon Indiana

Directly west of Indianapolis is Avon Indiana. For seven years in a row its high school marching band has been rated number one for the entire state of Indiana. And they have done well on a national level, too.

Avon is on US-36 running out of Indy. It is not far from the Indianapolis International Airport and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway - both on the west side of Indianapolis.

Avon represents a good future potential are for vending machine route operators. Selection of the right locator could place you in vert lucrative locations as the Indy population growth spreads toward the west. The 2000 census pegged Avon at around 6,000 folks. By 2005, according to Indiana updates - Avon had more like 9,000 residents. Fifty percent increase in just 5 years.

Avon represents a fantastic opportunity for a vending machine operator. Indy is one of the nation's larger cities, and Avon seems to be located where the population is spreading. More traffic - more potential customers. If you are new to the vending machine business, I suggest you engage a locator to assist you in finding the spots where the traffic flows - and where it likely will go in the future. Vendor Locators would like to be your locator for the Avon region.


Mooresville Indiana

Mooresville with its nearly ten thousand residents is another potentially future growth spot. It is just south of I-70 (which takes you right to Indianapolis near the airport) and along Route 67. Like Avon it is almost an entirely white community with a low percentage of the folks below the poverty line.

Along Route 267, running north-south from the interstate there are numerous locations that a locator could find for you. The right locator could also secure placement of locations along 67 or in Mooresville itself. I like Main Street, Indiana Street, Indianapolis Road, High Street and Bridge Street. They all have spots that a locator could make a profitable part of your vending machine route. Although Mooresville is small, Vendor Locators is the type of locator that would do the job for you.

Any locator can find locations. But is it the best location for the kind of vending machine that you are placing ? What about the levels and profiles of the customers frequenting the establishment. Not every locator considers this. Vendor Locators is a locater that comes at this from multiple angles - to secure the ideal locations for your specific vending machine products.


Vendor Locators

Finding the best spots in the Indianapolis area.




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