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Indianapolis Vending Machine Placement


The most well-known and travelled city on the south side of Indianapolis is Bloomington Indiana. I like this city quite a bit. It is a major college town with almost 70,000 residents. Before talking about the suburbs of Indianapolis, I think Bloomington deserves top mention.


Bloomington Indiana

Bloomington is home to Indiana University. Although a top academic school, it is for basketball and swimming that the town is likely most recognized.

A lot of famous people have ties to Bloomington. Actor Gene Hackman, one of the best. And Bob Knight the basketball coach - I was able to see him toss a chair and get red in the face screaming at the refs against Michigan once. Jim Jones the Kool-Aid suicide cult leader called Bloomington his home, as does John Mellencamp, Hoagy Carmichael and Bobby Helms (Jingle Bell Rock).

But my favorite is Scot Halpin. In 1973 while in San Francisco, Scot went to The Who's opening performance of the Quadrophenia tour at the Cow Palace as a fan. Keith Moon, the Who's drummer had mixed a little too many tranquilizer pills with his brandy and passed out for good during Magic Bus.

After trying to continue their concert without a drummer, the Who asked if anyone in the audience could play drums. A friend of Scot's got The Who's attention, and next thing you know - Scot is on stage as a fill-in musician with a legendary rock band.

Although Scot had not played in a year, he did a creditable job. He returned to Bloomington, where in February 2008 he passed away at age 54. I never met Scot, but I admire his courage and how he handled being in front of a huge crowd. What a 15 minutes !

Back to business - Bloomington represents a fantastic opportunity for a vending machine operator. A number of college students have owned or serviced vending machines. It makes a great way to pay some bills, while working your own schedule.

A locator can find the best locations. About any king of vending machine can work in Bloomington. Internet stations, pop vending machines, combo machines with a variety of products. For the locator who will do the best job for you - call Vendor Locators. We are a locator that works one-on-one with you. You will always deal with the same locator - and placement is at ideal locations or relocated for free.



Just a little south of I-70 and along Route 67 is a town of nine or ten thousand call Mooresville. It is almost an entirely white community with a low percentage of the folks below the poverty line.

Along 267 from the interstate there are numerous locations that a locator could find for you. The right locator could also secure placement of locations along 67 or in Mooresville itself. Indiana Street, Indianapolis Road, High Street and Bridge Street all have spots that a locator could make a part of your vending machine route. Although Mooresville is small, Vendor Locators is the type of locator that would do the job for you.

Any locator can find locations. But is it the best location for the kind of vending machine that you are placing ? What about the levels and profiles of the customers frequenting the establishment. Not every locator considers this. Vendor Locators is a locator that comes at this from multiple angles - to secure the ideal locations for your specific vending machine products.


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