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Indianapolis Indiana

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Moving from Indy toward Ohio and the east, there is not a whole lot of towns for locating your vending machines. There are some Indy suburbs and just a handful of other cities. In this sparse environment, let's highlight the good ones.


Richmond Indiana

Located on the edge of central eastern Indiana - right on the border with Ohio is Richmond Indiana. With around 39,000 residents, Richmond represents the most advantageous locations for vending machines in that section of Indiana.

Richmond also has many young adults in the city, in large part due to the presence of colleges and seminaries in town. Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, Purdue University School of Technology, Indiana University East, and Earlham College are in Richmond. In addition, the Earlham School of Religion (Quaker) and the Bethany Theological Seminary (Church of the Brethren) are based in Richmond.

Having this many people in Richmond makes locating vending machines easy enough. Follow the traffic. See who is moving where. Understand what that traffic buys and does not buy. Try locating the right machine in the ideal locations. And voila ! Sales, profits and a successful vending machine business.

Locating vending machines is not really that simple. You have to observe where the hot spots are. You need to properly assess the demand for each type of product. And you need to place them in the best retail establishments for that product. No ice cream vending machines outside Dairy Queen. No Pepsi vending machine inside of a convenience store. Those are easy. But what do you place outside a pub, or in its lobby ?

Vendor Locators has been locating vending machines for over fourteen years and has the experience to assure you that we would be locating your machines in the ideal spots. And that we would NOT be locating them where sales would suffer.


New Castle Indiana

Home to about 18,000 residents, 2,000 inmates and the world's largest high school gymnasium, New Castle is another potentially good spot for locating your vending machines.

In medium to small cities like New Castle the convenience of a vending machine is often appreciated. They do not always have all-night Walmarts where they can quickly go to meet their needs during night-time hours. Nor a lot of selection among stores during the daytime. Vendor Locators considers these factors in assessing the which products will sell and which ones will not before locating your vending machines.



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