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Vending Machine Placement

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Huntington Indiana machine locations

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Vending Machine Locations

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Columbia City vending locations

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Ft Wayne Indiana

Ft Wayne Vending Machine Locations


Ft Wayne Indiana has a number of cities and towns in the vicinity which offer vending machine placement opportunities.

Huntington which is southwest of Ft Wayne has around 17,000 people. They have a college - and a nice summer festival with hot air ballons and a country fair type atmosphere. Other than that. it is pretty rural. Nice Mexican restaurants in town, but not a whole lot of great vending machine locations. Of note, former Vice President Dan Quayle is a native of Huntington.

On the north side of Ft Wayne you will find Auburn and Angola. Both are located on I-69. So they get traffic from travellers, but they are both fairly small towns. Angola, which is at the intersection of I-69 with the east-west I-89/90 Indiana Toll Road, is the larger of the two - with maybe 7,000 residents.

Butler and Waterloo, also in the north are even smaller. Yet they represent some of the larger population centers in the Ft Wayne area.

Get what I am suggesting ? If you want to operate a vending machine business in the Ft Wayne area - stay pretty close to Ft Wayne proper. You go very far out of Ft Wayne, or off of the interstates - your chances for placement of your vending machines in a good location get pretty slim.

Similarly, Columbia City on the west side of Ft Wayne has only 7,000 folks. If you were to try for vending machine placement in towns as small as these you would need to have a very small vending machine route. Or you could have several small routes - one in each small town - and maybe service them on different days to minimize your mileage.

Kendallville is actually a little larger than these other places, with around nine or ten thousand people. Again, you might make this one leg of several individual small town vending machine routes. Placement is possible if you are willing to have this sort of business. Vendor Locators could certainly assist you with securing placement in a lot of good locations to get you going and to grow you as large as the area could handle.

Remember that this type of vending machine route means more miles driven by you. And in these days of high gasoline prices, your expenses would be higher than if you served fewer square miles.


Ft Wayne outer cities

Probably in large part due to the fact that these small towns have little in the way of grocery stores - vending machines can do pretty well. I usually do not see many real superior selling locations. But if you are content to make a modest living and have a relatively stress-free living and working situation - placement of your vending machines in these small rural towns can be done. And you can make some money.

Soda vending machines and snack vending machines do particularly well. Locations in or near the Mexican restaurants in Huntington or along US-24 can do alright. Newspaper stands are not particularly good - the best spots are taken, and most folks subscribe to the Ft Wayne Journal Gazette for home delivery.

Patience will be needed. Vending machine volume will increase over time as everyone learns where the new vending machines are located. Vendor Locators places the vending machines in the best locations out there. But the fact is - in many of these small rural areas, the traffic is not very heavy.


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