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Fort Wayne Indiana is the county seat of Allen County and the second largest city in Indiana.

It is located in northeast Indiana along I-69 where US-24 comes across from Defiance and Toledo Ohio.

One out of every six Americans live within 250 miles of Ft Wayne. So it is very strategically located as far as population goes. Interestingly Ft Wayne is about the same distance from these very large cities - Chicago Illinois - Indianapolis Indiana - Detroit Michigan - Cincinnati Ohio - and Columbus Ohio.

Fort Wayne is the 70th largest city in the United States with around 252,000 people. And the metropolitan Ft Wayne area has about 566,000 folks.


Fort Wayne economy

Ft Wayne is considered part of the Rust Belt. Historically it has had a very strong manufacturing base. Over the past years, however, many of these businesses have closed, or moved out or have joined the exodus of American manufacturing going overseas.

I would expect this exodus to continue. Why ? Because if you notice, the largest employer remaining in Ft Wayne is General Motors Corporation. And GM is on a mission to move its operations to other countries. Its 20 and 3 program has virtually forced its suppliers to move to India or China for them to stay in business. Unless these suppliers provide 20% in savings over a 3 year period - they are threatened with disqualification as a GM supplier. So much for a company that claims it is an American car manufacturer - I guess as long as the tax incentives are granted.

Other major employers include ITT Aerospace, BF Goodrich Tires, North American Van Lines (now called SIRVA), Verizon, Lincoln Financial Group and Raytheon. Notice that Goodrich is largely tied to the declining American car industry. And ITT and Raytheon are in the aerospace business which in 2008 has been off-shored to Europe as far as future military cargo planes.

From a technology standpoint, Ft Wayne is rated as one of the top couple dozen cities in the U.S. by Industry Week magazine. But I fear that this just means that Ft Wayne will lose its manufacturing jobs slower than elsewhere.


Fort Wayne Educational Institutions

There is certainly no shortage of colleges and universities serving Ft Wayne. This means a lot of late teen to early twenties youths. And, in general, young people like the convenience that vending machines offer. They don't want to spend a lot of time in grocery stores looking for quick snacks or drinks. Sure, they may stock up once in a while. But usually they act on impulse. I want a soda - now. I want a candy bar - now. So if you can figure out the placement of the right kind of vending machine with the optimal traffic patterns and volumes of the target audience - BANG - you are doing exactly what Vendor Locators does for their clients.

The main schools of higher learning in Ft Wayne include Indiana University-Purdue University Ft Wayne (about 12,000 students), Indiana University School of Medicine, the University of St Francis (Catholic), Concordia Theological Seminary (Lutheran), Ivy Tech Community College, Taylor University Ft Wayne (Evangelical Christian), Concordia University Wisconsin (Lutheran), Trine University, Indiana Business College, Indiana Wesleyan University (Wesleyan Church), International Business College, and the Indiana Institute of Technology.

So in considering the placement of your vending machines in Ft Wayne - remember where the college kids live, figure out where the hottest spots near their apartments, dorms or houses are, make sure you have exactly the products they want to buy, and take care that the competition is not very strong or proximate.

Soda vending machines and snack vending machines do well all around Ft Wayne. But especially near the students. And make sure that if your product is offered in a grocery or convenience store - that they are not 24 hour places. You don't want, for instance, to place a Pepsi vending machine on the same block as an all-night party store - unless you can consistently beat their price. Unlikely.


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