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Anderson Indiana is a city with around 60,000 people. It is the county seat of Madison County. It is a city in decline.

A lot of factories have pulled out of Anderson. Not so much because of Anderson. But just part of the rapid decline in manufacturing in the United States. One of the more recent departures is Guide Corporation in 2007.

Some of the good news in Anderson is that Nestle has opened up a new plant in Anderson. There was a big celebration to welcome this new large employer to Anderson. Hopefully it is a sign of better times to come.

Anderson is the headquarters for the Church of God of Anderson. There is a college in town - Anderson University - which is associated with that church.

As for the short-term, I am not very comfortable starting up a vending machine business in Anderson. Although it is a good community and has great access to outer areas via I-69 which runs right through Anderson - unless you are tied to the area I would suggest new vendors look north to Ft Wayne or southwest to Indianapolis. For vendors associated with the Church of God - the folks in Anderson would help you tremendously. But the truth is - times are tough in Anderson - and will likely continue in the near future.


Muncie Indiana

Although a little further from the interstate, Muncie is actually a little bit larger than Anderson with about 67,000 folks - and nearly 119,000 in the Muncie metropolitan area.

Muncie is in Delaware County just northeast of Anderson. It is best known for hosting Ball State University of the MAC conference. As you would expect in a college town - a lot of the population is young, single and a little low on the income side. In addition to Ball State, Muncie is home to the Indiana Business College and to Ivy Tech State College.

Muncie was also where the Ball Corporation was founded. Remember your Mom canning tomatos or cherries in those glass jars with the two piece screw on lids ? That is Ball Corporation that made them.

Other employers that helped build Muncie through the years besides Ball included GM, DelcoRemy, Borg Warner and Westinghouse. As of 2008, only Borg Warner remains. But they are scheduled to close in 2009 according to what I have read.

Like Anderson, Muncie is a tough place to begin a new vending machine route or operation. This entire section of Indiana is struggling. The colleges help - but vending machine placement cannot usually thrive solely on a transient college population.

So like with Anderson, unless you are a BSU collegian looking for extra cash, or a resident determined to succeed where you already live - vending machine locations in Muncie are few and their profitablity is not very promising.

Vendor Locators will help you in Muncie or Anderson. It is not like there is NO opportunity. But you need a professional locator to succeed here because it is a tough market.



Pendleton, other than close to I-69 is not a place for placement of vending machines. Pendleton only has about three or four thousand people. But with three prison facilities in town - you figure out who your potential customers are. Prisoners do not use vending machines except inside the prison - and those locations are taken. One of the worst cities I can think of to start out a new vending machine route.


Anderson and Muncie

If you are new to the vending machine service industry, try Indianapolis or Ft Wayne or Dayton. This area of the country is in economice distress. I thought much of Ohio and Michigan and Pennsylvania were having trouble. But I cannot think of any metropolitan areas that I service that is a tougher place to successfully launch a vending machine business than Anderson and Muncie. Vendor Locators, as always, would give you our best efforts to find the ideal vending machine locations. But it would take extra time to find enough sites to build an entire vending machine route.




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