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Indianapolis Indiana

As you know, Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana and also the largest city in Indiana. But many people are surprised by the fact that Indianapolis is also the third largest city in the Midwest. Only Chicago and Detroit are bigger.

Like many other Rust Belt cities in the Midwest, Indianapolis has diversified its economy away from manufacturing, upon which it was once dependent. Much of this diversification has been to the areas of tourism and event services. A particular strength has been in the area of sports events. Indianapolis has earned the nicknames of - The Racing Capital of the World - and - The Amateur Sports Capital of the World. Of course, the world famous Indianapolis 500 auto race is one of the most popular events in the country. Indianapolis has hosted the Pan American Games, the NCAA Men's and Women's basketball tournaments, the United States Grand Prix and the Allstate Brickyard 400 auto race.

Although Indiana has shown only modest growth in population, both Hamilton County and Hendricks County rank among the faster growing locations in the Midwest. Both of these counties are within the Indianapolis metropolitan area.

Some of the main cities in the general Indianapolis area include Indianapolis, Anderson, Carmel, Tipton, Lafayette and Noblesville. While Indianapolis is the county seat of Marion County, the metropolitan area stretches out through several countires.

Indianapolis suffered through urban blight in the 1970s and 1980s. But major renovations and investment in infrastructure in the 1990s appears to have reversed the decline - resulting in the current growth.

Indianapolis and its surrounding suburbs offer EXCELLENT opportunities for vending machine operators ! However, I would still be very selective which areas you consider.


South Bend Indiana

South Bend is another wonderful place to raise a family and grow a vending business. Situated in north central Indiana, just a few miles south of Michigan, South Bend is best known as the home of the University of Notre Dame. Gosh this state has a tremendous sports history !

With a population of just over 107,000 people,South Bend is the fourth largest city in Indiana. South Bend sits along Interstates 80 and 90 (the Indiana Tollroad) connecting Chicago with Toledo. It is the economic center of the Michiana region.

South Bend peaked in 1960 with a population of 132,000. Then as the manufacturing (mainly auto) sector declined, the city shrank until the 1990s. After much renovation the city started growing again. It is similar to Indianapolis in this respect.

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