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No matter how much money you have to start out with, how many locations you need, how many machines you want to place - Vendor Locators will do it's very best to bring success to your business and profits to your wallet.

Telephone me at:

(877) 850 -2934 TOLL FREE

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How to find a vending machine.

Before you purchase a vending machine - talk to experienced locators first. They are on the street and know what machines are doing best. They get constant feedback from the vendors they work with. And established vendors obviously only buy the type of vending machines they believe they will make money on - If they're in the right spots.
Or attend a vending convention and listen to the seasoned vendors talk to each other. See what booths they're approaching. (The type of machine they're buying.) To find a list of conventions, go the last couple of pages of the Vending Times. This magazine is the "trade bible".

Once you figure out the kind of vending machine you want, go to EBay or call the advertisers in Vending Times to find what is on the market.

I know vendors who buy equipment at 30-50% below market value on EBay. If you want to buy new vending machines, the advertisers in Vending Times are offering their best price - as their competitors are advertising in the same issue.

The two places you want to avoid are classified ads under "Business Opportunity" in the newspaper, and almost all Internet ads. There are too many marketing companies making money off of new vendors lack of knowledge.

How do you know if you're dealing with a marketing company or a machine manufacturer?

Simple. A marketing company will ask for all, or a high percentage of the full price, when you order. Then they use your cash to buy and ship the vending machine equipment and keep the difference for themselves. They often price it at 3 times cost.

Whereas a machine manufacturer will ask for a 20-50% deposit and you write a check to the UPS driver when your vending machine equipment arrives. Also a machine manufacturer will sometimes invite you to visit them first and tour their factory. A marketing business will never do this! Almost always they are operating out of their home. And very often the address they provide you is a "mail drop" at an outlet like the Postman Plus. Or Mailboxes Are Us.

Of course you want to be successful. Find the vending machine equipment needed at the right price, then hire any experienced locator to find and secure the right locations for you.  

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