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Telephone me at:

(877) 850 -2934 TOLL FREE

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When I locate, I always locate In person. For two reasons:

First, I evaluate the business. I decide if its location is similar to other locations where that type of vending machine has done well for other vendors. I also make sure the business has space for your machine in a prominent spot. (Usually by the front door). I've had to walk out of a lot of great spots, simply because there wasn't room.

If everything looks OK, I approach the owner. I show him/her a picture of your vending machine, we walk around to identify the best location inside the business for you to place it, and then negotiate the commission rate.

Finally I thank them, shake their hand and give them your business card. And tell them when to expect you to bring your vending machine.

I mentioned "commission rate" just a moment ago. I'm going to spend a minute on commissions now - as so many new vendors are told by marketing companies that they don't need to pay any commissions.

Once in awhile, a business owner doesn't care. But that's rare. They are in business to make money, and you are using square footage that they are paying rent for.

I have secured a lot of spots by the business owner saying "Well I'm not making any money on that machine. I'll move it in the back room and call them to pick it up. Put your machine there".

If you're going to stay in this business, know it's a commission business. You're in business to make money and so is the person who owns the business where your machines are. You don't have to pay much, but give them something. You'll benefit in the long run.

2) Now the second reason I locate in person is to talk with the owner and get his/her ideas on other businesses where they think your machine may do well. Every business owner has a circle of friends in business. And if they believe your vending machine will be profitable for them, they'll want to help their friends, if they are not in direct competition with them, to have your machine also.

Many times I've been told - "I'll give Sam a call and tell them you're on your way".

Sure it helps me complete your job - but it helps you too. Almost always the referred business is a good spot. (But if it's not, I will not put you there.)

The best benefit of my locating in person, is you are assured of a good location. You are benefiting from my years of feedback. I know how to find the best type of location for each type of vending machine, and will put my experience to work for you.

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