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No matter how much money you have to start out with, how many locations you need, how many machines you want to place - Vendor Locators will do it's very best to bring success to your business and profits to your wallet.

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When someone stands with you until the job is done - you call him your best friend.

When a company does this - it is called :

Vendor Locators !

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We will TRAIN you on how to Build your own custom vendor route. How to select ideal locations.

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How To Find a Vending Location

There are 3 steps we use to secure a profitable vending location.

The first step is determining with you the specific area where your vending route will be.

This is key.

For many vending machines, they do best in certain neighborhoods. With others, like soda machines, it makes no difference what the location is.

Regardless of the type of vending machines you own, I have experience with prior jobs on how well they do in certain types of stores. And I know the type of area where other vendors have had the most success. So I'll give you my ideas.

But the final decision of where I locate is always your call.

The second step is surveying - if necessary. The purpose of a survey is to see if the selected area has the number and types of businesses for your route to be successful. Before making a sales call. 

Years ago when I had a locating job in a city I had no experience in, I would find it profitable to spend a half a day's time just driving around and observing. No sales calls. I did this to identify the businesses I wanted to approach.
If I had started working right away, I would have missed some of the best spots.

Today, I have probably been in the city where you want your route. But if not, I will take the time to survey first. It's important to know an area before you work it.

Survey or not, if I know the area will support your route, I start locating. But if the area is not what I'm looking for, I let you know and suggest other areas to consider.

I have had vendors tell me to work in a specific area that I didn't think was best for their vending machine. So I did. It's their business. But I would be remiss without expressing my concerns first.

Now the final step - locating. To find your locations.

When I locate, I always locate In person. For two reasons:

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