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Question :I had a franchise in my county for my vending machines. Now I see others are placing the same machine. What can I do?
Louis L., Chicago, Illinois

Answer : Ask an attorney, but probably nothing.

You fell for an old gimmick – you will be the only one with this vending machine is this area. Predatory sellers have used this trick for years. To get you to over-pay for your vending machines.

In 14 years, I’ve never found one “franchise” in vending. Maybe they exist, but I doubt it.

An attorney once told me a franchise agreement is a very detailed legal agreement – usually an inch or two thick. It lists specific boundaries and responsibilities for both parties. I’ll bet you didn’t sign a legal agreement like this.

Another gimmick predatory sellers have used is a “distributorship”. Stay away from this also. It’s just another way to get you to pay their high price.

Vending is so simple – buy the right vending machines for your area, at the right price and place them in the best available locations.


Question : In looking for locating help, I noticed some companies relay on telemarketing only. Obviously this approach must work.
Terry H., El Dorado, California 

Answer : If it worked as well as locating in person, I would do it. One can get more locations per day and not spend $30 a day on gas.
But in my experience, vending machine operators run into too many problems with telemarketing locations.. Vendors have told me that they ended up staying in maybe half the telemarketing locations two months later.

Why? Many reasons:

-         There was no room for their vending machine.
-         Or the only space available was in the back of the business. That will reduce your sales by half.
-         The business owner changed his/her mind by the time the vendor showed up with their vending machine.
-         There were other vendors there with the same equipment.

The exception with telemarketing is with full service vendors who service large businesses.  These are locations where a vendor has 10-100 machines at one location. (Snacks, sodas, sandwiches ect.) Telemarketing is helpful in identifying when contracts expire or if they are having problems with their current vendor.


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