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Frequently Asked Questions


Question :What are coaches?
 Andrea R., South Lyon Township, Michigan

Answer : Coaches are a new gimmick that predators, in selling over-priced vending equipment, started using a couple of years ago to vendors who are new to this business.

If you are thinking about buying vending equipment from a seller who tells you they will have a coach help you - hang up. That is my advice.

Chances are very high that their price is 2-4 times over market value.

I have heard many established vendors laugh at the creativity of predatory sellers, in coming up with the idea of a coach.

What is a coach ? A person you can call for advice when starting your business. It sounds helpful - right ?

But in my experience, not one coach has ever owned a vending route or found one location.

Companies that over-price the equipment they are selling have learned that by telling new vendors they will have a coach assigned to guide them, increases their sales. It creates a comfort level.

Before you are sold on buying vending equipment from a company offering you a coach, please consider this these two points:

Companies selling vending machines at vending conventions, or advertising in Vending Times never mention a coach. Ask yourself why?  Compare your cost for the identical vending machine from companies that offer coaches, to those that do not.

A final comment - sometimes marketing companies create a vending machine that no one else offers. If you are talking to one of these sellers, hang up. Purchase only machines that the market has proven to be moneymakers. I have seen too many new vendors really over-pay for a new type of vending machine that never produced a good return.

Learn from other vendor’s experience.


Question : How can I check out a vending business company that I might want to buy from?
Donn H., Aurora, Colorado

Answer : There are several good places where you can look into a particular vending company before you make a purchase. Some of my favorite places are:

- The Better Business Bureau. You can find them at

- The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at

- The Small Business Administration (SBA) at

- The National Fraud Information Center at

Also, you might check with your State’s Department of Licensing and Regulation. In many states there is a monitoring of businesses and professionals doing business in their state in this or a similar department.


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