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Question : How can I check out a vending business company that I might want to buy from?
Donn H., Aurora, Colorado

Answer : There are several good places where you can look into a particular vending company before you make a purchase. Some of my favorite places are:

- The Better Business Bureau. You can find them at

- The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at

- The Small Business Administration (SBA) at

- The National Fraud Information Center at

Also, you might check with your State’s Department of Licensing and Regulation. In many states there is a monitoring of businesses and professionals doing business in their state in this or a similar department.


Question : How many Vending Machine Operating companies are there in the U.S. ?
Rex L., Palm Beach Shores, Florida

Answer : According to the United States Census Bureau, there were 4,916 vending machine operator companies in 2004. This is the latest year that they’ve released. This works out to less than 100 operators per state.

These are generally not large operators, either. 573 of these companies had only the company owner’s involvement. Another 2,806 of these companies had less than 5 employees hired during any part of the year. These very small operators make up more than two-thirds of all the vending machine operator companies.

This might suggest that the industry is still developing. Small entrepreneurs dominate the marketplace. This makes it easier for a new business to get started.


Question : Can I really have a vending route where I can earn $2000 a week?
Ben B., Brighton, Michigan 

Answer : Yes. I find locations for vendors making twice that.

But understand it takes time, patience, buying the right vending machines for your area and placing your equipment in the best available spots.

Every vendor I know who has been successful, has the attitude they will make this work. They are focused. Problems don’t bother them. They solve them and keep going.

$2000 a week income is doable. Follow your business plan. Every new vending machine you place in a business will bring you closer to your goal.


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