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Frequently Asked Questions


Question : Are vending machines stolen or vandalized?
Jerry C., Farmington Hills, Michigan

Answer : Yes, but not often. There are a lot of factors here: 
A small vending machine, like a double header, is more likely to be stolen, but not vandalized. In fact you can expect some loss to theft. Vendors consider it a part of doing business. But if you have a good route, you’re making a lot of money and the $75 or $100 you’ll spend to replace it you won’t even care about.

Whereas a soda machine is rarely stolen, but can be vandalized if it’s in a poor neighborhood in a business without good lighting. Outside machines make a lot of money
but it’s your locator’s responsibility to find spots for you that are in secure areas to reduce your risk. Coke and Pepsi have minimized risk by eliminating a lock and key for their machines. Their new machines are opened by a remote. Like a clicker you use for your TV.

I have found that new vendors worry about this, but not established vendors. One point to remember – you are placing a vending machine in a store whose value is, let’s say, $100 to $1000. But the store you are placing it in has an inventory of many thousands. Often $30-40,000 plus. The business owner is not worried, and he/she has a lot more at risk.

I’d like to mention another concern new vendors have that relates to this question. How safe are they by carrying out $50-$500 after emptying their machines. I always say: “The business owner receives thousands of dollars a day in sales, that they take it out to deposit at their bank.”  They don’t worry, so why should you.”


Question : Do people fail in vending?
Marc D., Tampa, Florida

Answer : Yes. The main reasons are:

-   They buy vending equipment at 3-4 times market price, and get frustrated with the time to get a return on their investment

-   Their vending machines are placed in the wrong locations

-   No patience. Even if you do everything right, you will have some problems. Successful vendors understand this, solve the problems that arise and move on. Some new vendors throw up their hands and quit.


Question : Do you guarantee your locations?
Tom C., Adrian, Michigan

Answer : No. The FTC has brought action against some locating services for their guarantees and promises.

Understand this is a business, and like all others, there is risk. What I will do is use my best judgment in selecting locations. If we continue to work together to build your route, I will replace any locations you are not happy with at no charge.

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